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Is PlayStation Infinite Point Glitch Real?

The PlayStation Infinite Point Glitch has created quite a buzz on the internet among players.

PlayStation players are confused about why the Infinite glitch is happening, as it is too good to be real.

PlayStation Infinite Point Glitch is sending users some amount of free points on their PlayStation stars without making purchases, completing monthly and custom campaigns, or in-game activities.

Continue reading to find out more about PlayStation Infinite Glitch and is it real or not.

What Is PlayStation Infinite Point Glitch?

PlayStation Infinite Point Glitch grants users unexpected points within the PlayStation Stars loyalty program.

Hence, this glitch is letting players accumulate store credit seemingly without any effort.

playstation glitch
PlayStation Infine Point Glitch is sending users some amount of free points on their PlayStation stars without active participation.

Furthermore, players are getting 150 points, 200 points, and 250 points on their PlayStation stars.

The interesting part is the points are coming without even doing anything.

PlayStation Sends Free Points Notifications

Users keep getting notifications each time they get some points, but the point is they did not do anything to get it.

Playstation Infinite Points Glitch is sending users infinite points for free without them purchasing the points.

In addition, the points are coming into their PlayStation stars even without them completing any quest.

This infinite point glitch is exciting as you are getting points for free without buying or doing any quests.

PlayStation Loyalty Program To Earn Points

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program offered by Sony that allows you to earn digital collectibles or points.

When you accumulate these points, you can exchange them for PSN wallet funds.

Furthermore, you can earn points through completing monthly and custom campaigns.

You can also earn points by making purchases on the PlayStation Store.

Moreover, another way to earn Playstation star points is to participate in in-game activities and online tournaments.

However, the glitch is bypassing all these standard methods for earning points and awarding points to users randomly.

Is PlayStation Sending Infinite Points A Glitch?

The buzz about the PlayStation point glitch started when one user redeemed 5000 Playstion points to get a 20-pound gift card.

But, the thing is he was able to redeem it without actively participating in the PlayStation loyalty program.

In addition, you can also redeem 15000 points for the 60-pound gift card and so on.

Hence, it is something that will leave you scratching your head and doubt if it is a glitch.

Some users are taking advantage of this glitch and redeeming the points for gift cards.

playstation glitch
This glitch has created quite a buzz on the internet among players.

While some are fearful of spending the free points as it may result in an account ban from Sony.

According to some users, Sony released a message in early March about the free points.

Sony mentioned that subscriptions were not correctly counted for PS star points before March 2nd.

So, it may be just a way to correct an error for users who didn’t get free points after renewing to PS Plus in February.

It is still not certain whether the infinite points in your PlayStation Star are a glitch, error, or a way for Sony to give you the points for PS Plus renewal.

The Bottom Line

In a time when game prices and subscription costs are increasing, the Infinite Point Glitch lets you boost your store credit.

The fact that you are gaining free points without any active participation is indeed very exciting and confusing.

However, you must not exploit the glitch too much, as it is still uncertain whether this is a glitch or a compensation to fix an error.

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