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Is Instagram Wrapped Real Or Fake?

There are various mixed reviews and rumors of the Instragram Wrapped feature.

However, users are unaware if the feature is real or just a hoax.

Instagram Wrapped For Instagram (IG Wrap) is a third-party app that syncs Instagram credentials. Hence, players must compromise their accounts to use the app to get the hidden information.

Continue reading to explore Instagram’s wrapped feature and know the truth behind the feature.

What Is Instagram Wrapped?

Instagram Wrapped is an exclusive feature that allows users to see full details of their accounts.

Wrapped is associated with the popular music streaming platform Spotify for most streamed songs and popular streamers in their list.

With Instagram Wrap, users will benefit from personalization, account insights and boosted engagement in the platform.

Last year, Instagram used the Reels Wrap feature to share favorite moments.

However, Instagram didn’t include other features involving accounts, follower details, or page visits.

With the Business Accounts, users can get detailed analytics, including reach, views and revenues.

However, normal Instagram users cannot receive reports of followers, reach, blocks and other details.

Users cant get analytics on the normal Instagram Id.

As a result, they are forced to use external applications and connect with Instagram accounts.

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Is Instagram Wrapped Real?

Instagram Wrapped is not associated with Meta’s Instagram development; hence it is not real.

However, many external wrap applications exist to help players get Instagram results.

One of the apps is IG Wrap which is currently only available for iOS devices.

The app assures users get insights, including lost followers and profile visits, similar to TikTok.

Also, according to the app, users can know their closest friends, top stories to get faster likes and Users who screenshot the posts and texts.

Additionally, IG Wrap offers access to new analytics, in-depth data and weekly reports of the account.

Users can also get an Instagram Wrapped Diamond subscription to get more details on the account.

However, according to many users, the app does not provide the same features, and the statistics are incorrect.

Is Instagram Wrapped Scam Or Legit?

The Instagram Wrapped(IG Wrap) application has thousands of downloads but has not impressed its users.

IG wrap has just under a 2.1 rating out of five from around 270 users.

Many users in the review section and popular forums, including Reddit, are frustrated with the application.

is instagram wrapped real
User’s review on Instagram Wrapped.

According to Instagram Warapped, it ensures App privacy by not collecting or exploiting any user data.

However, some users complain the app is secretly collecting the data, and there are changes in account settings.

Also, the information on screenshots, block lists, and the number fluctuates occasionally.

Additionally, one of the users claimed an anonymous user logged in to their account.

The fact confirms that Instagram Wrap provides fake data, and users risk losing the account.

The Bottom Line

The Instagram Warpped is an untrusted application with loads of mixed reviews in the App Store.

Moreover, the app reportedly collects data and has account data fluctuations; most data are incorrect and are not safe.

If users download the app anyway, they carry a risk of losing the account permanently.

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