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How To Get Nice Points In RuneScape(RS3)?

Nice points are one of the bonuses players can earn in the Christmas event in RuneScape(RS3).

Furthermore, the points can be used to buy exclusive items at the event.

To get Nice points in RS3, players should initially complete the three daily challenges, speaking to Clementine, and making decorations. After completing all the tasks players will receive three letters and send them to Santa Postbox.

Continue reading to explore Nice Points, the process to get Nice Points, and its usage.  

What Are Nice Points in RS3?

Nice Points is a type of currency players can earn by completing daily challenges in the Christmas event in RuneScape.

The Christmas event runs from 27 November 2023 to January 4, 2024, hence, players have lots of time to achieve exclusive rewards.

Players can earn the rewards in the central hub: Christmas Village.

If players can collect lots of Nice points, they can buy festive outfits and cosmetics every week.

Players also have the chance to get an exclusive reward: Black Partyhat from nice list entries.

Process Of Obtaining Nice Points In RS3

Here are a few ways to get Nice points to convert them into a handful of rewards in RuneScape;

1. Play It’s Snow Bother

Snow Brother is a free-to-play quest that unlocks the Christmas event and further quests.

Players should head to the Christmas Village Portal and talk to Santa.

its snow bother
Head to the Christmas Village Portal.

Santa will provide players with a short quest with many rewards.

it's snow bother
Accept the Santa quest in Christmas Village.

Shortly after accepting the It’s Snow Brother, players should talk to Murray Claus about the quest.

Further, players should Investigate the Christmas Map and interact with NPS including Faldaor and Varrock Representative.

Upon interaction, players should complete the decoration on the nearest bench to complete the quest.

rs3 christmas decoration
Complete the Christmas decoration on the bench.

2. Decorate Three Cities

In the next part of the quest, players should decorate three cities: Falador, Lumbridge, and Varrock.

For decoration, players should grab a sled and search for a few piles of snow.

To get past this mission with ease, players should disable the roofs in the settings to increase the visibility of snow.

sleigh lumbridge runescape
Search for a sleigh to collect the snow.

Players can find the snow in Lumbridge church, Hatchet Store, Castle Gatehouse and Kitchen, and the Market in Lumbrigde.

After collecting the snow, players should search for the decoration platform around the Lumbridge.

Similarly, players should search for Sleige and collect snow in Falador and Varrock as well.

In Falador, players can find two imps on the western side, two on the garden, and the last one on the bridge that connects the castle.

Further, in Varrock, players can find the pile of snow in the Battle Staff shop, next to Aris and one in the southeast direction.

The last two snow imps are located on the north side of the map and the Varrock Castle.

Varrock rs4 nice points
Search the Snow Imp in Varrock Castle.

After decorating three cities, players should head to Christmas Village using the magical spell book.

3. Collect Nice Points

Players should investigate the Christmas map again in the Christmas Village and click Take Santa’s request

Santa Request christmas village
Tap on take Santa’s request in the Village.

Players will get a scroll from Santa, which suggests they must deliver five packages to five citizens of Gielinor.

Moreover, players will have 16 NPCs to choose from along with information and location.

However, players should select the NPC first and proceed to deliver the Santa gift. 

nice points rs3
Select the character read the information and deliver the package to the location.

After delivering all the packages, players should head to Santa’s location in Christmas Village to receive rewards.

Upon collecting the rewards, players can unlock the letter system and complete three daily challenges.

Players will receive three Santa letters daily, so they can use them in the Post letter: Wintumber Postbox to get a Nice point.

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The Bottom Line

Players can collect Nice points daily by completing the required task in Rune Scape.

The Nice points guarantee players cosmetics every Sunday after Santa’s visit after 8 pm.

If players miss the letters by any chance, they can even buy them for  400 Christmas Spirits in the store.

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