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Purple Santa Hat RS3: How To Obtain It?

RuneScape 3 has recently added many Christmas presents such as White, Blue, Purple Christmas presents, etc.

These presents contain many rewards and treasures as a gift.

Purple Santa Hat is one of the items that you can get from any Christmas present. You can get it for exchange wrapping paper with Noel.

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What Is Purple Santa Hat In RS3?

A Purple Santa Hat is a festive hat that was released in Runescape 3 in 2023. 

During the Christmas Event of 2023, players received it as a Christmas present.

The Christmas event in the game will start on November 27, 2023, and end on January 4, 2024

Purple Santa Hat RS3
You can get a Purple Santa Hat in RS3 as a Christmas Present.

Similarly, the Purple Santa Hat is a cosmetic item that you can wear in the head slot.

It has no stats or effects, but it is a symbol of wealth and prestige among players.

You can show off your holiday spirit in Runescape with the Purple Santa Hat.

For players who want to add a touch of festivity to their characters, this item will be a popular choice.

Explore Knights Of The Shield Hideout and Sharess Caress in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How To Obtain Purple Santa Hat In RS3?

In the Christmas event 2023 of RS3, players can get various Christmas presents and there are many rewards inside the presents. 

Additionally, in a Gold Christmas Present, it’s guaranteed to obtain it. You can’t get it from regular presents.

You can also get it by exchanging Christmas wrapping paper with Noel the snow imp, near Santa’s lodge.

Noel and the purple santa hat
Get the hat from Noel the snow imp.

To obtain Purple Santa Hat you need to complete certain tasks. Here are the steps to complete:

1. Gather Christmas Wrapping Paper

You can obtain Christmas wrapping paper by participating in various Christmas event activities.

The activities include helping out Santa’s elves or completing Christmas-themed quests.

2. Visit Noel The Snow Imp

Head to Santa’s Lodge, which is located in Christmas Village, and find Noel the snow imp.

He will be standing near a large pile of Christmas presents. You can talk to him to get presents. 

3. Exchange Wrapping Paper For Presents

You can trade your collected 200 pieces of Christmas wrapping paper to Noel for Christmas presents. 

Additionally, you can get a Gold Christmas Present as a reward from the Christmas event 2023 for handling wrapping paper. 

Furthermore, you can open these presents to have a chance of receiving the Purple Santa Hat.

4. Open Christmas Presents

Open the Christmas presents you obtained from Noel.

There’s a chance that one of them will contain the Purple Santa Hat.

5. Equip The Purple Santa Hat

If you’re lucky enough to find the Purple Santa Hat, you can equip it as a head slot item to display it on your character.

Remember that the Santa Hat is a rare item, and the drop rate from Christmas presents is relatively low.

You may need to open a significant number of presents before you get the hat.

However, the festive appearance of the hat makes it a worthwhile reward for your effort

The Bottom Line

The Purple Santa Hat in RS3 is a rare item, and the drop rate from Christmas presents is relatively low.

Furthermore, you may need to open a significant number of presents before you get the hat.

Moreover, the Christmas event is a limited-time event, so make sure you try to get your Purple Santa Hat before it ends.

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