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Gameplay Against Chucky As Survivor In DBD

Chucky is a famous possessed doll from the Child’s Play horror franchise.

Dead by Daylight has introduced Chucky as a new chapter(chapter 30) in the game.

When facing Chucky as a survivor in DBD, watch for his footprints, adapt to his quick sprints, and be ready for surprise moves like the Hidey-Ho; Chucky’s unique powers make the gameplay challenging.

This article will discuss Chucky’s Gameplay as a Survivor in Dead By Daylight.

 Who Is Chucky In DBD?

DBD has introduced Chucky as one of the chapters, and players worldwide are excited to explore what this chapter holds.

Chucky is a new killer with various unique abilities, with  Hidey-Ho Mode being its spotlight.

Chucky moves at 4.4 m/s and has a terror radius of 32m, whereas his height is considered small.

His power abilities are Playtime’s Over with Hidey-Ho Mode, Slice & Dice and Scamper.

When you play as Chucky, you will have a third-person view as Chucky is the first third-person killer in Dead by Daylight.

When you’re playing as Chucky, for better results, you must enter the Hidey-Ho Mode as soon as you see a survivor.

chucky dbd survivor
Chucky is a new addition to DBD.
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Gameplay Against Chucky As Survivor In DBD

Survivors going up against Chucky in Dead by Daylight are in for a special challenge.

This little menace adds a new surprise layer with his small size and sneaky moves.

From the survivor’s point of view, when Chucky is near you, you can see his footprints through the wall.

However, if Chucky enters the Hidey-Ho mode, his footprints appear randomly to confuse the survivor.

Survivors must stay alert and quick on their feet, getting used to Chucky’s fast sprints with Slice & Dice.

However, when Chucky is about to kill a survivor, he will levitate with the survivor.

He uses his knife to stab them repeatedly in his Mori animation.

Players believe the ghost of Charles Lee Ray is levitating the survivor.

Power Of Chucky In Dead By Daylight

Chucky in Dead by Daylight has cool moves that match his creepy style.

His main trick, “Hidey-Ho Mode,” lets players see from behind him with a special camera.

But here’s the catch – even though he’s small, Chucky leaves footprints, giving away his location to survivors.

powers chucky
Chucky’s powers are called Playtime’s Over.

Here’s a quick look at Chucky’s powers:

  • Hidey-Ho Mode: Disables terror Radius and makes Chucky sneakier with footprints and sounds all over the map.
  • Slice & Dice: Chucky can sprint really fast and attack hard when he stops or hits the Special Attack button.
  • Scamper: When players press the interaction button, it lets Chucky zip through windows and pallets without breaking them.

With these powers, plus Chucky’s small size and unique style, it will be a different and challenging gameplay for both Chucky and the survivors.

The Bottom Line

Chucky has made a chilling entrance into Dead by Daylight as the star of Chapter 30.

Chucky’s unique abilities, especially the “Hidey-Ho Mode,” promise an intriguing gameplay dynamic.

Whether embodying Chucky or facing him as a survivor, the game introduces fresh challenges.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to play Chucky utilizing its abilities efficiently.

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