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Disney Speedstorm Reading Data Issue: Solutions

Disney Speedstorm has many exciting events and missions; however, players are stuck Reading the Data screen while launching.

As the game is relatively new, there are lots of issues which has made users frustrated.

To solve the Disney Speedstorm Reading Data issue, players should wait for the maintenance, get the latest update and re-launch or re-install the game.

Continue reading to learn more about the Reading Data issue and the technique to solve it in  Disney Speedstorm.

Reading Data Issue In Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play game kart-racing game by Gameloft Barcelona.

The game consists of fan-favorites Disney and Pixel characters, including Aladin, Genie and Mickey Mouse, with unique abilities.

Disney Speedstorm has surprised a fan with its iconic locations, including Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Ruins of the Jungle Book.

Thankfully, Disney will not slow down with its features; it will launch seasonal content more often.

However, Speedstormis faces massive backlash from its players due to the Reading Data issue.

disney speedstorm reading data
Reading data issue on the loading screen.

Due to the problems, players can only launch the game but are stuck on the loading screen after the launch of season 4.

Even if players wait for a longer time, players are unable to enjoy the game. 

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Reading Data Issue In Disney Speedstorm: Solutions

The reading data issue is probably due to the server rather than the players’ fault.

If players have fulfilled all the criteria to play the game, they should be good enough to go.

However, if players are still stuck on the loading screen, be sure to follow the steps;

1. Re-launch The Game

If players are in the Reading Data screen, try to be patient for a while, as some in-game downloads may be happening.

If the game still does not load up, players should exit and launch the game, as sometimes the easiest methods can get the job done.

Further, players can also res-start their consoles or PCs and open Disney Speedstorm.

2. Re-install The App

The second process players can use to fix the loading screen issue is re-installing the app.

However, players should know the details as they have to re-login while launching the game.

Also, this game is approximately 14GB, so downloading it may not take much time.

3. Get The Update

Players were facing lots of issues in the early season of Disney Speedstorm.

However, after the fourth season’s release, The Cave of Wonders, various improvements were made.

They have made changes to the upgrade materials and collection levels and added balanced gameplay.

Gameloft has responded to players’ queries and provided many fixes, including the game crashes and loading time.

4. Maintenance

If players still face the same issue after following the above procedures, wait for the hotfix.

According to Disney Speedstorm’s official Twitter handle, the maintenance will take almost one hour.

The maintenance will start at 1 AM Pacific time on Thursday.

disney speedstorm reading data
Disney Speedstorm’s official statement.

The update will fix all known minor issues and bugs, including the Reading Data issue.

The Bottom Line

The Disney Speedstorm game is filled with various bugs and issues, including the Reading data, which makes the game freeze.

This is not a universal problem, but many users have complained about the issue on both PC and Controller.

Players should wait for the hotfix and get the new updates if they have restarted or re-installed the game.

Hopefully, these solutions will work, and players can enjoy the Kart race and upgrade the character’s skills.

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