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Discover The New Killer Perks: Dead By Daylight

In Dead By Daylight, there is a new killer named Xenomorph launched in the game.

The new killer is a relentless specimen from another planet with unique abilities.

The new killer is Xenomorph, who is vicious, agile, and cunning. Its perks are Rapid Brutality, Alien Instinct, and Ultimate Weapon.

This article discusses who the new killer is and what its perks are in Dead By Daylight.

Who Is The New Killer In Dead By Daylight?

The new killer, named Xenomorph, is an alien from another unknown planet.

It is one of 33 Killers that are currently featured in Dead by Daylight, which was introduced in chapter 29: Alien.

It was originated from the 1979 Sci-Fi horror movie Alien.

Generally, it is a perfect organism for violence and is designed to kill.

However, it has a moderate difficulty rating, but it has some awesome abilities.

The Xenomorph

The Xenomorph emerged from the chest cavity of a host named Kane and Sought.

Therefore, the Xenomorph learned about its surroundings as it shed its skin.

It kills its prey one by one, using the ship’s air ducts, until only the human Ripley remains.

Xenomorph the new killer in Death by Daylight
This is the appearance of the Xenomorph when it was on the rampage.

Ripley, desperate for survival, destroyed the Nostromo and sought refuge in an escape ship.

However, the Xenomorph’s instincts gave it the upper hand.

The Xenomorph waited, watching its prey as the escape vessel floated.

The Xenomorph was on the verge of death, and suddenly it vanished into a cloud of black fog.

Additionally, it uses a weapon named Lithe Arm as a primary weapon.

It has some special abilities, like passing through tunnels and crawler mode.

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What Are The Perks Of Xenomorph?

In Dead By Daylight, there are three unique perks of The Xenomorph, which make it hazardous to defeat.

Therefore, you can use BP to unlock the tiers of this perk.

It has a terror radius of 32 and 23 meters when present in crawler mode.

Moreover, Xenomorph uses its arm as a weapon and can use a special attack with its tail.

1. Rapid Brutality

In this perk, Xenomorph moves with a speed and fury that makes the blood run cold.

Three tiers will unlock by spending 2,500, 3,250, and 4,000 BP, respectively.

However, Xenomorph no longer gains the bloodlust status effect in this perk active period.

After the successful attack with a basic attack, it grants a +5% haste status effect.

Similarly. it lasts for 8/9/10 seconds, respectively, to the perk tiers.

2. Alien Instinct

This perk activates one to become stealthy whenever it hooks Survivor.

After activating this perk, it reveals the aura of injured survivors for 5 seconds.

Similarly, those survivors will suffer from oblivious status effects for 16/18/20 seconds, respectively, to the tiers.

Abitly of new killer in Dead by daylight
You can travel through tunnels using Xenomorph in Dead by Daylight.

3. Ultimate Weapon

The ultimate weapon is one of the deadliest perks that players might find very useful.

However, you have to unlock the tier, but this perk lasts 30 seconds in every tier.

After activating this perk, the survivors that enter the terror radius scream and reveal their location.

Similarly, those survivors will suffer from the blindness status effect for 30 seconds.

Therefore, the ultimate weapon has a cooldown of 40/35/30 seconds.

The Bottom Line

The new killer in Dead By Daylight is a fantastic character for players to play with.

It has some unique and special abilities that players can utilize in the battle.

Therefore, Xenomorph can be a good killer for players because its difficulty is moderate.

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