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Who Is The Coffee Girl In Tekken 8?

In Tekken 8, the coffee girl is an exciting character with an impressive presence and abilities.

The coffee girl has an interesting history related to her and is a hard-to-beat character.

The coffee girl in Tekken 8 is Azucena a Peruvian fighter. To defeat her you must attack when she can’t defend, strike quickly, avoid being predictable, punish misses, and know her Heat State.

In this article, we will discuss the coffee girl Azucena and ways to beat her in the game.

Coffee Girl In Tekken 8

In Tekken 8, the character Azucena Milagros Ortiz Castillo is known as the Coffee Queen or Coffee Girl.

She is a Peruvian character with a passion for coffee because she is deeply connected to her family’s coffee plantation.

She grew up on the Ortiz Farm, she fulfills her roles as a skilled MMA fighter, model, and dancer.

farm coffee tekken 8
The Ortiz farm is a coffee farm owned by Azucena’s family.

Moreover, she also has a dream of becoming a renowned coffee farmer. 

Azucena’s journey involves overcoming the rejection of her innovative coffee ideas, eventually leading to international recognition.

Her gameplay in Tekken 8 showcases a fast and tricky fighting style, marked by taunt-based stances.

She has a unique blend of Peruvian cultural elements, such as Rumi Maki and Danza de Tijeras.

Azucena brings a vibrant and energetic presence to the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

azucena coffee queen
Acuzena is referred to as the coffee queen.
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How To Beat The Coffee Girl In Tekken 8?

To beat Azucena, the coffee girl in Tekken 8, follow these steps:

1. Watch Out For Stances

Azucena has taunt-based stances that make her hard to hit and you must make sure to learn all of her stances carefully.

Therefore, stay alert and be ready to punish when she exits these stances.

2. Exploit Lack Of Guard

During certain stances, Azucena can’t guard so it leaves her vulnerable to attacks.

You can benefit from these stances by attacking quickly and safely to punish her.

3. Mix Up Attacks

Moreover, you must also vary your attacks to keep her guessing your next attack move because she excels at countering predictable patterns.

Azucena relies on evasion, so mixing up high, mid, and low attacks will make it harder for her to predict and dodge.

4. Pressure With Quick Strikes

Use fast and unblockable moves to pressure her because overwhelming her will gain you benefits.

Azucena’s playstyle thrives on evasion, so pressuring her with quick strikes can disrupt her rhythm.

5. Punish Whiffed Attacks

Further, when Azucena misses an attack, you can take this opportunity to punish her.

Her evasive moves leave her susceptible to punishment if she fails to connect.

6. Understand Heat State

Azucena also enters a “Heat State” for enhanced moves and you must be cautious, as her attacks may gain additional properties.

If you face challenges against Azucena, analyze your matches and learn from each encounter.

Understanding her patterns and tendencies will improve your chances of success in future battles.

The Bottom Line

In Tekken 8, the coffee girl is a character named Azucena who owns a coffee farm.

In the game, her fast and tricky fighting style and taunt-based stances make her an exciting opponent.

To defeat Azucena in Tekken 8, attack when she can’t defend, use varied moves, and strike quickly.

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