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Tekken 8 Demo Unlocks All Characters Using A Cheat Engine

Tekken 8 has released its game’s demo version for its players, and players can unlock all characters using a cheat engine.

However, players found that these characters were unplayable in the game.

In the recently released Tekken 8 Demo, players can unlock all the characters using a cheat engine to access all the characters in the game. Moreover, these characters include unannounced characters like Shaheen, Raven, Zafina, Yoshimitsu, Steve, and Alisa. 

Continue reading more to discover how players can unlock all characters using a cheat engine in the Tekken 8 Demo.

Introduction to Demo Characters In Tekken 8 

The demo version of Tekken 8 has just been made accessible to all gamers.

Additionally, according to the official Steam announcement, the official version will be released on Jan 26, 2024.

Similarly, Tekken 8 released trailers for each character during the demo version.

Moreover, the game has yet to be released, but fans have found alternate ways to find undiscovered game characters.

Specifically, online users use a cheat engine on this demo version and leak this game character’s info.

However, there is no guarantee that the leaked info is accurate.

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How To Unlock All Characters Using Cheat Engine In Tekken 8?

Firstly, players must download the Cheat Engine software from the Cheat Engine Website, install it, and download the cheat table script.

After installing the Cheat Engine, players must open the Tekken 8 demo game and the cheat engine with the script. 

Running a cheat engine with a script
Running a cheat engine with a script to unlock all characters in the Tekken 8 Demo.

Likewise, as players open the cheat engine, they must select the script and go to the Process List.

In the process list, players must select Tekken 8 demo and choose an option open.

As players open the Tekken 8 demo, they will encounter an option to select Yes or No; they should choose the Yes option.

Unlocking Unplayable Characters in Takken 8.
Unlocking unplayable characters in Tekken 8 using a cheat engine.

Finally, players have successfully unlocked all the characters in Tekken 8 using the cheat engine.

Benefits Of Using Cheat Engine In Tekken 8

The following are the benefits of using a cheat engine:

  1. Firstly, by using the cheat engine, players can find different bugs and errors that might exist in the game.
  2. Players can modify and enhance the game according to their needs with the help of a cheat engine in Tekken 8.
  3. Similarly, a cheat engine might help players discover new characters in the game, as players have found in Tekken 8
  4. Valuable tools like Direct3D and OpenGL, which are used in the game’s debugging features, are also provided by the cheat engine.

Drawbacks Of Using Cheat Engine In Tekken 8

The following are the drawbacks of using a cheat engine:

  1. Players might discover new features and characters in the game before its official release.
  2. Many players use cheat engines to increase their XP, which is unfair to other players.
  3. Using cheat engines in the game can lead to account bans or restrictions, impacting game progress.
  4. Moreover, modifying games using cheat engines might violate the terms and conditions of those games.

The Bottom Line

In summary, using a cheat engine to unlock characters might provide game insights to players before the game’s release.

However, it affects fair play and may spoil the surprise for players upon official release.

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