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How To Find Undercity Ruins In BG3?

The Undercity Ruins is one of the many locations players can explore in BG3.

Moreover, potent undead monsters inhabit the Ancient Ruins area. 

The Undercity Ruins is a getaway to the Temple of Bhaal location. To Find Undercity Ruins in BG3, players must head to the Lower City Sewers and search for the Ancient Sigil Circle location.

Continure reading to discover the exact location and rewards you can unlock in the Ancient Undercity Ruins.

Where Is Undercity Ruins?

Undercity Ruins is a small part of the Temple of Bhaal, a forgotten monument in the Undercity location.

Further, the Undercity ruin is inhabited by Sarevok and his companions, who are evil human Deathbringer.

Players can extract the Undercity Ruin in Act 7 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, Players must find a route to Thieves Maize via the stairs of Thieves’s Guild.

Here, Players will have to face a potent enemy called Rahvin or can avoid the fight and head to Bhaal Temple.

In addition, Rahvin and his six companions will erupt to fight players and their party friends in the Undercity Ruins.

Moreover, Rahvin and his group are probably the strongest and the last enemy assassins players can face in the game. 

In contrast, the Assasin group is initially hired to defeat Sarekov Archev; however, they are not afraid to attack players.

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Locating Undercity Ruins In BG3

To find the location of Undercity Ruins in the Temple of Bhaal, ensure to follow the procedure;

  1. Start from Lower City and follow the Path to the Lower City Sewers.
Lower City Sewers
Entering the Lower City Sewers. 
  1. Enter through the Wooden door in the Lower City Sewers.
undercity ruins bg3
Heading inside the Wooden Door in the Sewers.
  1. Grab the Ancient Sigil Circle and head down to the Undercity Ruins.
undercity ruins bg3
Entering the Undercity Ruins after obtaining the Ancient Sigil Circle.

After entering the Undercity Ruins, Players can opt not to engage in combat against powerful creatures.

As the Undercity is a getaway to the Temple of Bhaal, Players can ignore the enemy and head there to unlock rewards.

Further, Players must follow the Downstairs passage, where they can see a Blood themed dusk in the structure.

Then, upon reaching there, follow the straight Path and climb the stairs to reach the Bhaal Temple. 

Next, Players can continue the Temple of Bhall event to obtain exclusive items, including Rings, Amulets and Spells. 

Lastly, Players will unlock Speak with the Dead spell and Amulet of Bhaal from Sarevok in the Quest.

The Bottom Line

The Undercity Ruins is one of the ancient locations in Baldur’s Gate 3 inhabited by the Undead Monsters.

Moreover, the Ruin is a path to unlock the Temple of Bhall, where players can play multiple events and quests. 

However, Players must first visit the Lower City Sewers and extract the Ancient Sigil Circle’s location.

Lastly, Players can follow the downward passage through the Undercity Ruins upon reaching there. 

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