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Collect Rare Weapons At A Hot Spot Glitch In Fortnite

The “Collect rare weapons at a hot spot” glitch was solved for PC players but is still active in Switch.

Unfortunately, many players are concerned about this quest as they cannot collect the additional quest XP as a reward.

Fortnite is aware of the glitch where players cannot collect rare weapons at a hotspot as confirmed by their post on X. So players must wait until Fortnite resolves this issue or find some alternate solutions.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Collect Rare Weapons at a Hot Spot glitch in Fortnite.

What Is Collect Rare Weapons At A Hot Spot Glitch?

Every season, Fortnite introduces a new set of quests for the players alongside the exclusive Battle Pass.

These quests provide a quick way to gain lucrative XP for players by completing simple challenges in the match.

Similarly, one such quest asks players to collect rare or better weapons at Hot Spots during the match.

Hot Spots are specific locations that are marked with golden text names and have flying drones over them.

hot spot in foArtnite
The marked areas in the gold text display Hot Spots in Fortnite.

Also, these locations change with each match, meaning players must visit new Hot Spots.

To complete this quest, players must collect either blue, purple, or gold weapons in the Hot Spot locations.

Players should also note that they must collect different weapon types to fill the progress bar.

However, players complain online that the progress bar does not fill while doing this challenge.

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How To Fix The Collect Weapons At Hot Spots Glitch?

As this glitch has surfaced on the internet, players are sharing some alternate solutions for this glitch.

However, it is not guaranteed to work for everyone as it is not an official fix.

Here are all the solutions that players can try to tackle the Hot Spot glitch in Fortnite:

  1. Instead of finding random weapons, the player must unlock a chest or destroy a drone.
  2. Players should not pick the same weapon repeatedly as it does not fill the progress bar.
  3. Players should start with a Grey or Green rarity pickaxe.
possible fixes for the collect weapons at hot spot
Users suggesting an alternative fix for the “Collect rare or better weapons at Hot Spot” glitch.

The alternative solution appears because equipping a blue or purple rarity pickaxe glitched past seasons’ quests.

Players can also quit the current match and start a new one for a possible quick fix.

Is Fortnite Aware Of The Hot Spot Glitch?

Yes! Fortnite are aware of this glitch as they confirmed it by replying to a user on X.

The official Fortnite Status account has stated that they are well aware of this glitch.

Fotnite adreessing the collect rare weapons at hot spot glitch
Fortnite addressing the collect rare weapons at hot spot glitch via X.

Therefore, users can rest easy as it is a known glitch in the game that is receiving treatment.

However, they have not provided any information regarding the date and duration of this fix.

But there is a good chance that this issue is already fixed in the game as it is a small glitch.

The Bottom Line

The weapon rarity quests have a history of glitches as similar issues have occurred in the past.

However, Fortnite has always listened to their community and fixed these issues in a short time.

Therefore, users must become active in Fortnite communities to receive the latest news about this glitch.

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