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Get 10 kills While Focused Down Sights X Times In MW3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has a variety of weapons for the players to use on the battlefield.

Players can earn different Camos for multiple weapons after completing the Camo challenges.

To unlock the gilded Camo for three Sniper Rifles, completing the Glided Camo challenge is compulsory. Players must get 10 kills while focused down sights X times in MW3 to unlock the Gilded Camo for Sniper Rifles.

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Gilded Camo Challenge In MW3

The Gilded Camo is one of the new Camo Challenges in MW3, which is equivalent to getting Gold in the COD title.

It features a long, shiny, metallic, gold-like aesthetic that looks good on any weapon.

Players must complete all the Base Camo Challenge for the weapon of their choice.

Additionally, it requires completing the Glided Camo Challenge associated with that weapon.

Further, players can use the Glided camo earned only for the new MW3 weapons.

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All Sniper Rifle Camo Challenges In MW3

There are different Camo challenges for each Sniper Rifle in MW3. 

Players must complete the challenge required by each weapon to unlock the Glided camo for that weapon.

Likewise, each weapon in MW3 has some base camo challenge which should be completed first. The base camo challenges for Sniper Rifle are:

1st Camo: Get 50 Kills

2nd Camo: Get 50 Kills shortly after ADS (Aiming Down Sights)

3rd Camo: Get 3 Kills with One Magazine 10 times

4th Camo: Get 15 One-Shot One-Kills

Since all the base challenges are the same for all sniper rifles, players can complete the challenge by simply playing simple objectives-based game mods.

Similarly, to complete 3 kills with one magazine 10 times, players can increase the magazine size to 45 or 60.

After completing the four base challenges, players can move towards the Gilded Camo challenge in MW3.

The Gilded Camo Challenge for three Sniper Rifles in MW3 is to get 10 Kills while focused down Down Sights.


Katt-Amr is the new Sniper Rifle added to the MW3, popular for high damage and making one-shot kill.

Players can play on long-range maps such as Wasteland or Derail, where they can get long-distance kills.

Katt-Amr gilded challange require to get 10 kills while focused down sights X times in MW3
The Sniper Rifle Katt-Amr is a bolt-action weapon in MW3.

Then, while taking the shot, hold in the left stick on the console to Focus Down Sights. 

2. Longbow

Longbow is a very precise and lightweight Sniper Rifle in MW3.

Players can use the Longbow on any map, and snipe kills with smaller optics.

Further, the red dot or holographic-type scope makes it easy to track heads in multiplayer.

3. KV Inhibitor

The KV Inhibitor is a Sniper Rifle with fast-firing capacity and accurate handling out of the gate.

Like other sniper rifles, the Gilded Camo challenge is the same: getting 10 kills while focused down sights.

Kv Inhibitor is a sniper rifle.
KV Inhibitor is a powerful, fast-firing sniper rifle in MW3.

Players can easily kill 10 enemies to complete the guided camo challenge in MW3.

The Bottom Line

The Gilded Camo challenge requires players to get 10 kills while focused down sights X times in MW3 for the sniper rifle.

After completing the challenge, players can customize their Sniper Rifles with a gold camo. 

Further, there are other challenges after Gilded Camo, such as Forged, Priceless and Interstellar.

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