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Coral Island Winter Festival: Shops And Minigames

The Winter Festival is one of the four festivals that occur in the Coral Island world.

Also known as the Winter Fair, it starts from Winter 17 to 21 in the game.

In Coral Island, players can take part in the winter festival which lasts for 5 full days and introduces new shops and minigames in the Coral Island World.

Continue reading this article to learn everything about the Winter Festival or Fair in Coral Island.

Introduction To Winter Festival In Coral Island

There are four festivals in Coral Island: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter which take place consequently.

Specifically, the Winter Festival comes at the end starting from Winter 17 and ending on 21.

Winter Festival
Winter Festival theme in Coral Island

During this time, players can take part in various new events and minigames on the map.

Also, the entire theme of the map changes, bringing the winter atmosphere to life.

Additionally, players can visit new types of shops on the maps to receive items at a discounted rate.

However, players are more excited about different minigames that are playable during this event.

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New Shops During The Winter Festival

Coral Island is known for changing its map theme according to the current festival event.

Therefore, players should not be surprised to see new areas and shop stalls during the Winter Festival.

In fact, players can find the unique Winter Fair Shop towards the right side of the beach.

Here, players can shop in three stalls which are distributed in their own category. They are:

  • Winter Clothing Booth
  • Winter Gift Shop
  • Winter Cafe Booth

Additionally, players can find all the items in these shops for a discounted price throughout the duration of the festival.

However, players must learn about the nature of items sold at these shops to plan their budget.

 winter festivals shop items
Some of the purchasable items from the Winter Fair shop in Coral Island

Firstly, the Winter Clothing Booth only sells specific item types namely: Clothes, Gifts, and Food Items.

Similarly, the players can shop for various gifts in the Winter Gift Shop stall.

However, they should note that, unlike other winter stalls, items in the gift shop include a purchase limit.

Finally, players can stock up on various food items and beverages in the Winter Cafe Booth.

All Minigames In The Winter Festivals

As aforementioned, Coral Island launches new event-exclusive games during each of their Festivals.

Similarly, the Winter Festival introduces five new minigames in the Coral Island world starting from Winter 17.

In fact, players can learn everything about these minigames through the table below:

Minigame NameDescriptionRewards
TriviaChoose from 9 categories and answer 15 questionsCoins and Medals
ShootingShoot moving targets to accumulate maximum pointsGold, Silver, and Bronze Bar, Coins, Medals
CurlingThrow the curling stone as far as possible for pointsGold, Silver, and Bronze kelp Essence, Coins, Medals
Magnet FishingCatch as many fish as possible in 60 secondsLarge, medium, and Small Fish Baits, Coins, Medals
Match PatternCompete with Bobby to hoe the dirt in 4 stagesCocoa Seedlings, Wild Seedlings, Coins, Medals

The Bottom Line

The Winter Shop comes once a year in the Coral Island World, bringing discounted items and event-exclusive minigames into the game.

Therefore, players must learn about all these games and shops to get the best value out of them.

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