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Miskos Treasure Of Awakening 1 – Side Quest Guide

Miskos Treasure of Awakening 1 is the first part of a three-part quest chain that can be obtained by solving the first riddle left by a legendary bandit, Misko.

Mikos Treasure of Awakening 1 is a series of side quests in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that involve solving riddles and finding hidden chests that contain parts of the Awakening Armor.

If you need guidance to help you complete Miskos Treasure of Awakening 1 in Tears of the Kingdom, look no further.

In this article, we will provide you quest guide for Miskos Treasure of Awakening 1 in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Additionally, we will guide you in completing the quest and earning the treasure.

What Is Miskos Treasure Of Awakening 1?

Miskos Treasure of Awakening 1 is a side quest in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom(TotK) game.

The quest involves solving the riddle and finding Misko’s treasure hidden in Hyrule.

The treasure is said to be hidden by the legendary bandit Misko. If you want to discover these treasures, you must solve the puzzles.

Solving the Miskos treasure of Awakening 1 riddle and getting it is not straightforward yet possible.

Where Can I Find Miskos Treasure Of Awakening 1?

The quest can be started by finding certain characters in the world or performing several quests.

The bandit Misko’s riddle message first part said a treasure is hidden behind one of the ruined pillars where Rayane, Piper and Tanagar meet on the Tabantha Frontier.

One of the pillars is special and will open the way to the treasure.

The treasure’s location is at coordinates (0639, 0856, 0025), where you will find three pillars with a hole in one.

miskos treasure of awakening 1 location
 Bandit Misko explains the location of the treasure of Awakening 1.

You can find this treasure with the steps given below.

  1. First, head to the Tabantha Frontier, a western part of the Hyrule Castle, the Southern part of the Hebra Mountains and the Northeastern part of the Hyrule Ridge.
  2. Then, go to  Ancient Columns, an isolated place between Tanagar Canyon to the south and east, Rayne Highlands to the Northwest and Piper Ridge to the Northern part.
  3. Once you reach the Ancient Columns, you must defeat a Flame Gleeok, a dragon-like enemy that breathes Fire.
  4. Then, climb on the pillars and stand on the plate.
Climb and stand at the top of pillar
You can climb and stand at the top of the pillar.
  1. After that, it will trigger a switch and open the entrance to the secret Cave door. 
secret cave door
 Opening of the Secret Cave door entrance.
  1. Enter the Ancient Columns Cave, which leads to the Miskos Treasure of Awakening 1.
enter ancient columns to find treasure
Enter ancient columns to find the treasure.

How To Get Miskos Treasure Of Awakening 1?

After discovering this Awakening treasure, you can get it by using a bomb arrow to blow up the hole and reveal a chest.

Correspondingly, the chest contains the Tunic of Awakening treasures, a part of the Awakening Set.

It is a special outfit that provides a hot weather attack. Moreover, it increases your stamina recovery speed and has more than three defenses.

Additionally, it changes the appearance to a cartoon style and increases the attack power in hot weather.

get miskos treasure of awakening
Get Misko’s treasure of awakening.

Alternatively, you can buy Tunic of Awakening treasure from a Bargainer Statue for 400 Poes.

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The Bottom Line

This quest is one of the many optional activities players can enjoy in this game.

The reward for completing it is the Tunic of Awakening, part of a special Armor set that can be obtained by solving riddles.

Avail of the Tunic of Awakening Treasure, which grants you the power to see hidden secrets and enemies in the dark.

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