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How To Obtain Letter To Santa In RS3?

Letter To Santa is part of the Christmas event in RuneScape(RS3).

The event runs from November 28 to January 4, 2024; hence players have plenty of time to engage in the latest update.

To obtain the Letter To Santa in RuneScape(RS3), players must complete three daily Challenges, Talk to Clementine, and finally perform the decorations.

Continue reading to explore Letter To Santa, the process to obtain it, and its usage in RuneScape(RS3).

What Is Letter To Santa In RS3?

Letter To Santa is one of the essential items to receive in Christmas Village in RS3.

Players can send Letter To Santa in exchange for gifts including, Blue and Purple Christmas Presents and Nice Points.

The Letter To Santa can open a getaway to cosmetics, outfits, and a Black Party hat.

However, to collect the Black Partyhat, players must invest lots of time and try to complete daily challenges.

Moreover, players can only get three Letter To Santa items in a single day of the Christmas event.

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Process To Get Letter To Santa In RS3

Here are a few ways to obtain Letter To Santa in Rune Scape;

1. Daily Challenges

The best way to earn the Letter To Santa gift in Christmas Village is to complete the Daily challenges.

Players must complete three daily challenges and unlock the rewards.

However, players must first teleport to the Village and complete the It’s Snow Bother Quest.

Upon completion of the quest, players can unlock the Santa Letter System and view the Daily Task.

As the Daily Prayer Challenge resets every 24 hours, players have limited time to complete it.

daily task christmas event 2023
Complete the daily prayer challenge in Christmas Village.

Players will also obtain weekly progression rewards when the number of Letters to Santa Increases.

Thankfully, the Daily Prayers are easy to perform and consume less time.

2. Talk To Clementine

If players complete all three daily challenges and still can’t receive three letters to Santa, they should Talk To Clementine.

talk to clementine rs3
Talk To Clementine outside of the lodge.

Players can find Clementine outside of the Lodge in the north of the Christmas Village.

3. Perform Event Activities

The final way to earn a Letter To Santa is by engaging in Christmas event activities.

Players can help create a Decoration bench and deposit all Crates of Finished Decorations.

decoration bench runescape christmas event
Build a decoration bench for Christmas.

How To Use Letter To Santa In RuneScape?

After receiving three Letter To Santa by completing the task, players must head to the Wintumber Postbox and post the letter.

Letter To Santa RS3
Post Letter To Santa in Wintumber Postbox.

Players will receive a few gifts and one Nice Point for posting three Santa letters.

Moreover, players can use the Nice Points for guaranteed rewards including, Peppermint Outfit and winter hats.

If players miss the Letter To Santa, they can buy it for 400 Christmas Spirit at the Christmas Spirit Shop. 

The Bottom Line

Letter To Santa items are easily obtainable by completing the Daily Prayers and interacting with Clementine.

Players can also perform activities including fishing, crafting, and construction, and receive the Letter that is exchanged for Nice points.

Further, players should look forward to collecting rewards from Santa each Sunday at game time at 8 pm game time.

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