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Second Purple Coin In Swamp Pipe Crawl: How To Find It?

Swamp Pipe Crawl is one of the levels in the Super Mario Bros. Wonder video game.

The second level of the first world, Pipe Rock Plateau, has a complex pipe system and tricky hidden secrets.

The second purple coin in Swamp Pipe Crawl conceals itself within a secret area, necessitating the precise positioning of a pipe for access. It is seen floating just below the sunflower along with six green snails.

This article will provide a complete guide on how to find the second purple coin in Swamp Pipe Crawl.

What Is Swamp Pipe Crawl?

Swamp Pipe Crawl is a swamp-themed level with a complex pipe system.

The player must navigate the level using the pipes to reach different areas.

Swamp Pipe Crawl is notorious for its challenging nature due to its intricate pipe layouts and numerous adversaries.

swamp pipe crawl second purple coin
Swamp pipe crawl is a challenging level in Super Mario Bros.

Nevertheless, the level offers substantial rewards, with various hidden secrets to uncover, including the elusive second purple coin.

Here’s a concise overview of the level:

  1. Start in a swampy area; use pipes to move and avoid enemies.
  2. Find two vertical warp pipes and push the left one to reveal a hidden horizontal warp pipe.
  3. Enter the hidden warp pipe to reach the secret area with the second purple coin.
  4. Defeat enemies and collect the coin.
  5. Return to the main level through the suitable warp pipe.
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What Is The Second Purple Coin?

The second purple coin is a purple collectible item that has a flower symbol on it.

Also, they are hexagonal in shape, but they are a darker purple color.

Purple coins are worth ten flower coins each, and they are more difficult to collect than regular flower coins.

second purple coin in swamp pipe crawl.
Progress through and play carefully to get the second purple coin in the swamp pipe crawl.

When collected, they grant the player various bonuses and rewards, such as unlocking bonus levels, extra lives, or special suits.

How To Find Second Purple Coin In Swamp Pipe Crawl?

To locate the second purple Coin in Swamp Pipe Crawl, follow these steps:

Step 1: Follow The Wonder Flower

Begin by heading to the right from the Checkpoint Flag until you encounter a Wonder Flower among music blocks and green pipes.

Collecting it initiates the Piranha Parade, adding Flower Coins to the path and changing the terrain.

Step 2: The Parade’s End

Carefully follow the parade to its conclusion, leading you to an area with an overhead platform containing three pipes.

After the Piranha Plants’ musical performance, a Wonder Seed will appear at the far-right end of one of the pipes.

Step 3: Entering The Secret Area

Jump onto the large green pipe next to the note blocks and enter the small red pipe on the right.

This pipe leads to a secret area. Inside, you’ll discover another Wonder Seed and a flagpole marking the secret exit.

Step 4: Find The Second Purple Coin

Before you touch the flagpole, move to the secret area’s left side.

After that, break three brick blocks using Elephant Mario’s trunk or a nearby shell.

With the bricks removed, you can position yourself to the right of the vertical pipe previously blocked by the bricks and push it to the left.

This action will enable you to enter the left side of the horizontal pipe.

Swamp Pipe Crawl
Come out of the pipe and get the second purple coin.

Further, this will grant access to a subarea where you’ll find the second purple Coin.

The Bottom Line

Discovering the second purple Coin in Swamp Pipe Crawl is a difficult challenge.

Uncovering this hidden collectible offers a gratifying reward and a heightened sense of accomplishment.

Moreover, this achievement enriches your gaming experience, enhancing your gameplay and story immersion. 

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