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Discover The Crota Finisher Glitch In Destiny 2

In Destiny2, you can terminate formidable boss Crota using the Yeet method, the ultimate Crota Finisher Glitch.

Players must fight with the Boss Crota to complete the Crota’s End Challenge; it can be in an effortless way.

The Destiny series is known for its classic glitches and trickery moves, which will benefit you in boss fights.

During the quest of Crota’s End Challenge, fighting Crota players can opt for an easy way to defeat him using the Yeet method, which triggers the ultimate Crota Finisher Glitch.

Continue Reading to find more about the Crota Finisher Glitch in Destiny 2:

Destiny 2: Introduction To Crota

Crota is one of the formidable bosses in Destiny 2, which players must defeat to complete the “Crota’s End Challenge” quest.

Similarly, Crota is the Son of Oryx and the most formidable character among the ascendants of the Hive Prince.

 Besides That, Citizens of the Hive race worship him as the Deity for his immense power and amplified strength.

Crota God of HIVE
Crota: God of HIVE IN Destiny2.

Crota also has a connection to the Ascendant Plane, a dimension where he can amplify his powers by accessing the dark powers of the Hive.

Undeniably, it requires immense strength and a sense of concentration to defeat him, for all these powers Crota possesses.

Nevertheless, players do not have any option since they have to face Crota during his quest and defeat him.

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How To Beat Crota In Destiny 2?

It is a brutal fight for Guardians to defeat one of the most formidable bosses in Destiny 2, Hive Prince Crota.

Defeating Crota is not as easy as other bosses in the game; it requires a well-co-ordinated team and a clear understanding of the mechanics.

Similarly, Crota’s End Challenge is one of the biggest challenges you face, but it is achievable.

Players can follow the simple plan and work alongside a team to complete the Crota’s End Challenge quest.

Players fighting Crota
Group of Players attacking Crota.

1. Initial Setup

Firstly, your fire team will start in a central room, from where you can teleport to Crota by being next to the crystal.

Upon encountering the Crota in Destiny 2’s “Crota’s End Challenge,” your fireteam should be divided into two teams of three.

Following that, one group moves to the right and the other to the left to defeat the initial wave of enemies.

2. Boomer Duty

Likewise, players should designate two Guardians to focus on taking down the Boomers, similar to dealing with witches previously.

It would be wise for the guardians, as Boomers are pretty irritating.

3. Ad Duty

Moreover, the remaining members of your fire team should position themselves in a position from where they can kill additional enemies.

This location will also serve as a junction for passing the Chalice, enhancing the protection needed.

4. Enlightened Buff

Players must collect the Enlightened buff to participate in the Cratos Boss fight effectively.

Similarly, Players can acquire this buff by passing the Chalice to the illuminated area with visible light.

5. Sword Acquisition

Swords are crucial weapons for damaging Crota’s shield, and you must attain them before the arrival of  Oversoul.

Moreover, carrying around one or two swords is enough to damage Crota’s shield within time; however, it’s your decision.

6. DPS Phase

It is one of the favorable phases for the players, so they have to make the most of their firepower in this period.

Utilize Wells of Radiance, Tractor Cannon, and high-damage weapons like swords to maximize your damage output.

Moreover, keep an eye on Oversoul, which might arrive in the DPS phase, and set high priority for eliminating Oversoul.

7. Finish The Fight

You should repeat this cycle until Crota’s Heath Line is Critically Low and he reaches his last stand.

 After reaching his Last Stand, maintain pressure on Crota until he collapses.

However, you should be prepared to fight and defeat another Oversoul near the end of the battle.

How To Defeat Crota With Crota Finisher Glitch?

Guardians don’t have to go through these hardships to Kill Crota; there is much of an easy and funny way.

Players can defeat the formidable boss Crota using a Yeet method to unravel the simple Crota Finisher Glitch.

To defeat Crota using the Crota Finisher Glitch, players have to follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Front Room near the Oversoul, where many orange bar Knights surround Crota.
  2. Upon taking your position at D1 corta, perform a finisher move on one of the knights while facing the Oversoul.
  3. After blowing up the Knight, Krota will get caught in that attack and fall from the edge.
crota finisher glitch
Players are attacking Knight; however, Crota is also Caught in.

However, you have to note that Krota might respawn if he lands on the rock outside of the map.

Therefore, it would be best if you could send him far enough, which will ultimately cause his death.

The Bottom Line 

In the Destiny Series, players use glitches and ultimate tricks to defeat formidable bosses like Atheon and Crota.

Defeating the Hive Prince Crota is one of the most challenging raids in Destiny 2. 

In Summary, Players can finish one of the strongest bosses in Destiny 2 using the Crota Finisher Glitch.

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