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Imbaru Engine Secrets: How To Accomplish In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 features different hidden missions that can be accessed by completing specific requirements or finding secret clues.

These missions often reward you with exotic weapons or armor, as well as lore and triumphs.

In Destiny 2, Imbaru Engine is a secret mission where players must open the correct chests based on Hive symbols and outsmart Savathun. To accomplish this secret, they must equip the Ghost with the loot seeker mod, switch to the strand subclass and look for the X symbol.

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Introduction To Imbaru Engine

The Imbaru Engine is a secret mission in Destiny 2.

Players must open the correct chests based on Hive symbols and outsmart Savathun, the Witch Queen.

It is all about the Witch storyline that rewards players with a Witch’s Key.

Players can use the key to unlock more rewards from the seasonal activities in Season of the Witch.

Imbaru engine
Imbaru engine is a hidden mission.

To access the Imbaru Engine quest in Destiny 2, complete the fifth week of the seasonal questline called The Bladed Path.

Players need to help Eris Morn grow her power by harnessing arcane Hive magic and defeating Xivu Arath’s forces.

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How To Obtain Witch’s Key In Destiny 2

 You can get Witch’s Keys by completing various activities in the game, such as:

Seasonal Activities

Players can obtain Witch’s Keys as random drops from completing Savathun’s Spire or Altars of Summoning.

They are the new seasonal activities and involve helping Eris Morn grow her power and defeat Xivu Arath.

Season Pass

You can get Witch’s Keys from the paid track of the season pass at ranks 2, 12, and 52.

Further, the season pass grants players access to other exclusive rewards, such as weapons, armor, and cosmetics.

Ritual Table

Players can get the key if they rank with the Ritual Table in the H.E.L.M. 

You can earn XP for the Ritual Table by completing seasonal challenges, bounties, and quests.

Other activities

You can also get Witch’s Keys as rare drops from other activities such as Nightfall Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit matches.

However, these have a lower drop rate than the seasonal activities.

collect loot
Equip Ghost with collect Loot Seeker Mod.

How To Accomplish Imbaru Engine Secrets?

To accomplish the Imbaru Engine secrets, you must complete a puzzle that involves opening the correct chests based on Hive symbols.

Follow the steps below to solve the puzzle and accomplish the Imbaru Engine secrets:

Equip The Ghost

Equip your Ghost with a Loot Seeker Mod that detects caches within a 75-meter range. 

This will highlight all the chests in the room and make it easier to find them.

Strand Subclass

Switch to a Strand subclass and use Tether to navigate the space.

This will allow you to move faster and avoid falling off the platforms.

X Symbol

Pay attention to the direction that the X symbol is pointing to. 

Sometimes, it will point to the opposite chest or a chest on another platform.

chest 2
Collect all the chests.

Explore The Room

The first section has one chest, the second has two chests, and the third has three.

The locations of the chests and symbols are random for each player.

Therefore, explore the room carefully and use your Ghost or other tools to detect them.

Completion Of The Puzzle

Now the puzzle is completed, and it will reward you with a Witch’s Key, two Witch’s Engrams, a Seasonal Challenge, and a Triumph.

Use it to unlock a unique H.E.L.M. chest containing more seasonal weapons and armor.

Moreover, use the Witch’s Engrams to craft your seasonal weapons with your preferred stats and perks at the Lectern of Divination.

The Bottom Line

The Imbaru Engine secrets in Destiny 2 test your ability to outsmart Savathun, the Witch Queen.

 To start the mission, players must complete the week five segment of The Bladed Path questline in the H.E.L.M.

However, if you open the wrong chest, it will result in death and should reset your progress.

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