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How To Use The Highlander Shader In Destiny 2?

The Highlander Shader is one of the most fun and useful equipment in Destiny 2.

It is a rare shader that allows you to customize the appearance and colors of your armor and weapons with animated electrical arcs.

To get the Highlander shader in Destiny 2, you will have to complete the Prophecy Dungeon or purchase it from the Tess Everis using Bright Dust.

In this article, you will learn what is the Highlander shader, how to get it and the pros and cons of using it.

What Is The Highlander Shader In Destiny 2?

The Highlander is a rarity shader in Destiny 2 that allows Guardians to customize the appearance and colors of their armor and weapons.

Highlander stands out from other shaders due to its unique animated effect.

When applied to armor or weapons, the Highlander shader will cause electrical arcs to jump between different parts of the item randomly.

Small bolts of lightning will crackle and jump between the helmet, arms, chest, and other armor pieces.

On weapons, the electricity will arc between the barrel, magazine, and other components.

Further, this creates a very distinctive animated look that makes guardians appear to almost have a static charge constantly building up on their gear.

Bungie designed Highlander to give the impression that the wearer’s light is barely contained, on the verge of bursting forth in a display of arc energy.

Only a few other shaders in Destiny have animated effects, making Highlander a highly sought-after cosmetic.

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How To Get The Highlander Shader?

There are currently two main ways for guardians to obtain the Highlander shader:

1. Complete The Prophecy Dungeon

Highlander is a guaranteed drop from the final chest after defeating the Kell Echo boss at the end of the Prophecy dungeon on either the normal or master difficulty.

Prophecy dungeon highlander
You can get the Highlander after killing the boss in the Prophecy dungeon.

This is the most consistent way to get the shader as long as you can complete the dungeon.

2. Purchase It From Tess Everis Using Bright Dust

On rare occasions, Tess may offer Highlander for direct purchase in her inventory section for 2000 Bright Dust.

Bright Dust is obtained from various activities like bounties, quests, and dismantling unwanted Eververse items.

Guardians should check Tess’ inventory each week in case Highlander is available.

bright dust highlander destiny
You can purchase Highlander using Bright Dust.

Highlander can also potentially be earned from Bright Engrams, which are loot boxes that drop randomly from the Season Pass or can be purchased for Silver.

However, getting it specifically from an engram is a completely random chance.

The dungeon and direct purchase from Tess are the only guaranteed methods currently.

How To Use The Highlander Shader?

Once obtained, Highlander can be applied like any other shader in Destiny 2.

Simply open up the character screen and navigate to the shader section using Left/Right on the D-pad or keyboard.

Highlight the Highlander shader and apply it using the action button.

You can apply it to any armor piece or weapon that accepts shaders.

The animated lightning effect will then display randomly across the applied item(s).

Players looking to show off the shader can apply it to a full armor set and their selected kinetic, energy, and power weapons to see the arcs of electricity jumping all over their guardian.

Moreover, the animation effect is subtle, so the arcs may be harder to notice in some environments or situations with many other visual effects.

For best results, stop to admire Highlander’s applied gear in a peaceful location with good lighting.

The crackling lightning really pops out more in those conditions.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Highlander Shader

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the Highlander shader:


  • Unique animated effect not found on many other shaders, making guardians stand out.
  • Customize the colors/appearance of multiple armor pieces and weapons simultaneously.
  • Subtle animation still looks cool even during intense gameplay.
  • Rarity means it’s an impressive cosmetic achievement to obtain.


  • A random chance to get from Bright Engrams means it may take many attempts.
  • Must complete the challenging Prophecy dungeon to guarantee it from the final chest.
  • Limited availability from Tess Everis each week if she offers it.
  • Animation effects can be harder to notice in some environments or situations.
  • Like all shaders, it’s a consumable so you must reapply it each time you change the gear.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the Highlander shader offers guardians a unique look with its animated electrical arcs.

While obtaining it relies partly on luck or skill in challenging content, its rarity and visuals make it a highly coveted shader for any guardian’s collection.

However, with patience, dedication or some Bright Dust, you can add the Highlander to personalize any guardian’s armor and weaponry.

Happy Gaming!

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