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How To Destroy Cursed Skull In BG3?

The Cursed Skull in BG3 is one of the game’s potent spirit objects.

Moreover, Players are unable to dismantle the Skull even after high utility usage.

To Destroy the Cursed Skull in BG3, players should use the Fireballs or Burning Hands Spells. The Skull appears in the Save the Artist Quest in the Lady Jannath Estate’s backside room. 

Continue Reading to extract the location and learn the procedure to destroy the Cursed Skull in BG3. 

What Is Cursed Skull?

The Cursed Skull is among the game’s powerful objects with a greater toughness buff. 

Moreover, the Skull is located at Lady Jannath’s Estate, Upper City.

The Cursed Skull appears in one of the personal Quests, Free the Artist, in Act 3.

In this Quest, Players must reach the top of the building and dismantle the Cursed Skull on the way.

Further, Players must knock Oskar Fevras and obtain the Artist’s assets to complete the events. 

Many Players find the locations boring due to their complexity, including destroying the Skulls. 

Thankfully, there are a few ways to eliminate the Cursed Skull for players that lack 50 damage-striking weapons.

Players with access to the Fire spells, including Fireball or Burning Hands, can easily destroy the Skull.

However, there are a couple of Cursed Spirit Skulls; hence Players must use the spell simultaneously. 

How To Reach To Cursed Skull?

If Players are looking for a getaway to search the Cursed Skull, Players should play the Free the Artist event.

Firstly, Players must rescue an Artist in the Zhentarim Basement who is held captive in a Romantic Scandal.

Further, after the release, Players must try to locate Oskar in Baldur’s Gate City again. 

Then, Players must seek a conversation with Lady Jannath about the Artist.

The lady confesses about paranormal activities in her Estate.

Unfortunately, Jannath’s haunted house’s Spirit Skull has held Oskar captive.

Lastly, Players must find Destroy the Skull to help the artist again.

How To Destroy The Cursed Skull?

For Players wondering to demolish the Cursed skull, ensure to follow the procedure below;

  1. Enter the Jannath’s Estate in the Upper City location. 
Jannaths estate
Head to the Lady Jannath’s Estate at Uppercity.
  1. Search for the Double Doors on the backside of the Mansion.
cursed skull bg3
Head to the Double Doors located at the backside of the house.
  1. Use Gale’s Fireball to destroy the 100-heath Cursed Skulls simultaneously inside the room. 
cursed skull bg3
Destroy the Cursed Skull using the Fireball Spell.

Further, Players should confront the spirit of Kerri Evenfield and follow her.

Then, Players should reach the Estate’s Atelier to obtain the rewards from the Artist. 

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The Bottom Line

The Cursed Skull is a powerful spirit object found in the Save the Artist Quest at Jannath’s Estate. 

Moreover, for the Players that find it extremely difficult to destroy the Cursed Potrait, ensure to use Fire spells.

Lastly, using Fireballs or Burning Hands spells simultaneously will help to overcome the obstacle.

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