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How To Unlock Shadow Monk In BG3?

The Shadow Monk is the sub-class of Monk Class in BG3.

Moreover, this Shadow sub-class is one of the best players can obtain in this class.

To Unlock Shadow Monk in BG3, players must progress through level 3 and select Way of Shadow in the Monk Class. This sub-class specializes in Stealth and Subterfuge, thanks to their Shadow actions. 

Continue Reading to know the best build of the Shadow Monk sub-class in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Shadow Monk?

The Way of Shadows, or simply Shadow Monk, is among the best sub-classes of Monk.

Moreover, Players get to choose one of the sub-classes in Level 3.

The Monk class includes other sub-classes, including Way of the Open Hand and Way of Four elements. 

Further, Shadow Monks follow the principle of Stealth and Subterfuge

The sub-class can use the features of Darkness, Darkvision and Silence using two Ki Points.

Furthermore, Players can pass without being caught and use the minor illusion without providing any materials.

The Shadow Monks are also considered Ninjas or Dangerous Assasins, thanks to their immense sharpness. 

In addition, The Shadow Monks are proficient in forming various groups to accomplish their missions.

However, the service cost is high; hence, only Merchants and rich nobles can afford them.

Players can unlock various sub-class features when they progress through games.

What Is Monk Class?

The Monk Class is among the best 12  Classes players can choose in BG3. 

This Class’s  Primary feature is Dexerity and Wisdwon, whereas attacking ability is based on Strength and Dexterity.

In addition, Dexterity assists players in landing hit damage, and Wisdom is the spellcasting feature.

Moreover, the Monk can obstruct the KI flow ability in the enemy’s body.

In contrast, Ki is basically the form of magic that floats around the body of a living being. 

Players can use the Ki to enhance the Shadow Monk techniques in their Character. 

All of the sub-classes follow different traditions, mechanics and principles. 

How To Obtain Shadow Monk In BG3?

If Players are willing to Obtain the Shadow Monk Sub-class, ensure to follow the procedure;

  1. Create any custom character with any Origin, Background, Race, but Class as Monk.
Monk Class
Select the Monk Class in the custom section.
  1. Complete some events and progress through Level 3.
shadow monk bg3
Complete some events to reach Level 3.
  1. Select the Way of Shadow sub-class in the Monk section.
shadow monk bg3
Pick the Way of Shadow sub-class.

Further, Players can customize the Monk Weapons and skills of their sub-classes.

Players can equip the Feat future and improve their abilities by enhancing Strength, Dexterity and Charisma. 

Moreover, players who progress through levels will obtain new spells and actions.

At Level 3, Players can access Minor Illusion Cantrip.

Further, Players can unlock the Shadow Arts: Hide, Pass Without Trace, Darkvision, Darkness and Silence action. 

After jumping to levels 5 and 6, players can access two actions Cloak of Shadows and Shadow Steps

Lastly, at level 11, Shadow Strike: Unarmed and Shadow Strike actions can be unlocked.

The Bottom Line

The Shadow Monk is the sub-class that lies under the Monk Class.

This sub-class boasts the battle thanks to its shadow actions and Illusion cantrip. 

Players can access the Ninja-like character in Level 3 of the game by selecting Way of Shadow.

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