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How To Find Sharess Caress In BG3?

Sharess’ Caress is a brothel in Wryms Crossing in Baldur’s Gate 3. Sharess and Sharra, two twins, are the brothel’s owners.

In addition to prostitution, the brothel provides massages and other sorts of entertainment.

If you are looking for a place to relax and have fun, Sharess’ Caress is an excellent option. You must travel to the South Span Checkpoint and enter Wryms Crossing to find it.

This article will teach you everything about the Sharess Caress in Bg3, where to find it, and its services.

What Is Sharess Caress In BG3?

Sharess’ Caress is a shop located in the Wyrms Crossing area of the video game Baldur’s Gate 3(BG3).

The shopkeeper is a woman who sells various items, including potions and scrolls.

Additionally, she can provide information about the whereabouts of a missing person.

One of the unique features of Sharess’ Caress is that it sells a pair of magical rings called True Love’s Caress and True Love’s Embrace.

These rings allow the wearers to receive Warding Bond from each other.

Warding Bond is a powerful spell that creates a magical bond between two creatures, sharing damage taken between them.

Moreover, this makes the rings valuable for parties facing formidable enemies.

Services Of Sharess Caress In BG3

Two drow twins run the tiny business Sharess Caress in Baldur’s Gate 3.

They provide a range of services to their clients, such as:

  • Providing data on the neighborhood: The twins can provide their customers with advice and ideas because they know what is happening in Baldur’s Gate.
  • Distributing magical goods: Rings, amulets, and potions are among the few yet well-stocked magical products that Shares’ Caress carries.
  • Carrying out rites: The twins are adept at casting numerous spells, including warding spells, love spells, and death curses.
  • By offering company: Sharess and Sharra are both lovely and endearing and happy to engage their clients in conversation and company.

The services offered by Sharess’ Caress are not without their risks.

The twins are influential magic users who are not afraid to use their powers for gain.

However, customers who cross the twins could receive a curse or a hex.

How To Find Sharess Caress In BG3?

Sharess’ Caress is a pleasure house located in Wryms Crossing, a small town in the Underdark.

Furthermore, you must travel to the South Span Checkpoint and enter Wryms Crossing to find it.

Once in the town, head down the main street until you see a tavern on your right; this is Sharess’ Caress.

The tavern is run by two drow twins, Sharess and Sharra.

bg3 sharess caress
Players can romance with the drow twins in Sharess Caress.

They are both beautiful, charming, and happy to provide their customers with companionship and conversation.

Also, Sharess’ Caress offers various other services, including information about the local area, magical items, and rituals.

Additional hints for locating Sharess Caress are provided below:

  • You can ask a local for directions if you need help locating the tavern.
  • If you’re going alone, be cautious because the tavern is in a sketchy area of town.
  • Don’t annoy the twins because they have great power.

Sharess’ Caress is a terrific location to unwind and have fun, but don’t anticipate a morally upstanding time there.

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The Bottom Line

Sharess’ Caress is a popular destination for adventurers and other travelers looking for a place to relax and have fun.

The twins are known for their beauty and charm, and they can provide their customers with various pleasurable experiences.

However, the twins are also mighty and dangerous and do not fear using their powers to get what they want.

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