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Female Character Creation: Designing Cyberpunk 2077 Heroine

Character creation is a great opportunity to be creative and create a character you love.

Basically, Cyberpunk 2077 provides many options to choose from how your character looks to their ability.

Female character creation is the process of making your own female character, where you can choose their backstory, appearance, and stats.

Continue reading to learn more about female character creation in Cyberpunk 2077.

What Is Character Creation In Cyberpunk 2077?

Character creation Cyberpunk 2077 is designing your own unique character to play in the game.

Correspondingly, it’s a way for you to make your own mark and make a character that fits your style.

Creating your character is a very detailed process with many options to choose from.

Moreover, you can choose whether or not to give your character cybernetic enhancements.

Accordingly, you get to choose things like your characters:

  • Background (like choosing your life path)
  • Appearance (their looks, hairstyle, and even tattoos)
  • Stats (like how strong or smart they are)
female character creation
Female character creation in Cyberpunk 2077.
Continue reading to explore how to romance Panam a female in Cyberpunk 2077.

How To Create A Female Character In Cyberpunk 2077?

Male and female character creation are not exactly the same in Cyberpunk 2077 but are similar in many aspects.

To create a female character in Cyberpunk 2077, you must choose their life path, appearance and stats.

1. Life Path

The first stage of building your female character is determining their life path to build a backstory.

Eventually, each life path leads your character to a different backstory and starting skills.

Hence, there are three choices available:

  • Nomads: They are born and raised on Night City’s outskirts and are skilled in surviving, combats, and negotiation.
  • Street Kids: They are born and raised on the streets of Night City and are skilled in hustling, surviving, and fighting for what they want.
  • Corpo: They are born and raised in the Corporate World and are skilled in negotiation, manipulation, and using the system to their advantage.

For example: Life path- Street Kid


  • This character is a tough cookie who grew up on the mean street of Night City.
  • Moreover, she learned how to survive, hustle, and fight for what she wants and fears nothing.

2. Appearance

You can start to customize your character’s appearance where choices vary from facial features to clothing.

Body type and voice tone are constant since we create a female character.

However, other appearance aspects include:

AspectNumber Of OptionsWhere To Change
Skin Tone 12Ripperdoc
Skin Type5Ripperdoc
Hairstyle51Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Hair Color35Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Eye Color39Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Eyebrows9Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Eyebrow Color35Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Eyelash Cokkor35Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Mouth 22Ripperdoc
Facial Scars10Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Facial Tattoos12Cannot be changed
Piercings15Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Piercing Color16Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Teeth5Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Eye Makeup21Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Eye Makeup Color14Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Lip Makeup Style4Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Lip Makeup20Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Lip Makeup Color14Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Cheek Makeup15Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Cheek Makeup Color8Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Blemish Color6Ripperdoc
Nails2Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Nail Color37Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc
Body Tattoos6Cannot be changed
Body Scars3Apartment Mirror and Ripperdoc

3. Stats

Your character’s stats will determine their strengths and weaknesses.

However, each stats affects different aspects of your body.

There are five different stats you can choose from:

1. Body

The body affects your character’s health, stamina, and strength. When choosing her body type, keep in mind that:

  • A stronger body provides more health and stamina.
  • The agile body provides better movement and evasion skills.

Moreover, you can decide whether or not to give your character cybernetic enhancements, such as cybernetic limbs and muscles.

2. Intelligence

A high intelligence score will give your character hacking skills, the ability to learn new technologies and problem-solving skills.

Simultaneously, it also determines her ability to understand complex concepts and solve puzzles.

3. Reflexes

Reflexes will affect your character’s ability to perform complex actions, such as reloading weapons and using cybernetic enhancements.

However, if you want to play a skilled fighter or gunslinger character, you should invest in reflexes.

Overall, a high reflexes score will give her better aim and dodging skills and improve weapon handling, movement speed and reaction time.

4. Technical Ability

Technical ability affects your character’s ability to craft items, repair weapons, and hack into devices.

Likewise, you can choose her technical aptitude, impacting crafting and equipment handling.

5. Cool

Cool affects your character’s resistance to damage, ability to negotiate, and to stay calm in dangerous situations.

Moreover, adjusts her coolness, affecting her stealth and resistance to stress.

Note: Once you create your character, you cannot change their gender or appearance later in the game, so make sure you are happy with your choice before you start playing.

The Bottom Line 

Once you have finished creating your character, you can start the game.

Therefore, there are a lot of choices for you to choose from, so take your time in creating your own character that you will enjoy playing.

Read on to find out if players can romance Panam as a female in Cyberpunk 2077.
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