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Edgewood Or Poppy In Cyberpunk: The Ultimate Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-role playing and action-adventured RPG game set in the Night City’s dark future.

In Cyberpunk, you can choose between Edgewood or Poppy Farm after reliving all the information from Braindance.

Cyberpunk Edgewood and Poppy is a farm on Edgewood Lane in the Rocky Ridge region of the northern and southern Laguna Bend of Badlands.

Continue reading to learn about the Cyberpunk Edgewood and Poppy Farm and the ultimate guide to choose between the Edgewood farm or Poppy farm.

What Is Edgewood And Poppy Farm In Cyberpunk?

In Cyberpunk, Edgewood and Poppy Farm are part of the quest of Hunt, which you can choose after Braindance.

1. Edgewood Farm

Edgewood Farm is a location in Cyberpunk 2077 located in Edgewood Lane in the northern Badlands Rocky Ridge region, south of Interstate 9.

However, Anthony Harris is the owner of the Edgewood farm.

Therefore, the whole Edgewood farm is surrounded by the concrete barrier of an iron fence.

edgewood farm cyberpunk
The Edgewood farm is located in Edgewood Lane in the northern Badlands Rocky Ridge region, south of Interstate 9.

Firstly, find the leads during a brain dance session. 

River Ward and V use River’s Thorton Mackinaw to break into the farm and find Randy Kutcher.

2. Poppy Farm

Like Edgewood Farm, Poppy Farm is also known as Lake Farm.

poppy farm cyberpunk
The Poppy Farm appears abandoned at first sight, located in the southern part of Laguna Bend in the Badlands.

If V chooses Poppy Farm during The Hunt:

  • River Ward and V travel to the Poppy Farm, hoping to find Randy. However, they met with Wraiths.
  • After defeating the Wraiths, River and V journey to Edgewood Farm.
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Guide To Choose Between Cyberpunk Edgewood Or Poppy Farm

It should be noted that to choose between Edgewood or Poppy Farm, you must unlock the Hunt.

How To Unlock Hunt In Cyberpunk?

To unlock the Hunt, you have to complete the I fought The Law and wait for 24 hours in the game.

However, you can skip these long times from the menu screen.

Here’s the Hunt walkthrough:

  1. First, drive to the River and wait for him to arrive on the curb. Once he’s there, get in the car.
  2. Together, you will watch a news clip revealing River needs help finding his missing nephew. Follow River to the lab.
  3. Go left to the marked location. Use the door if you have 12 Technical Ability Points. Otherwise, climb over the wall.
  4. Climb the yellow ladder and enter the lab through the window. Follow River if needed.

Some of the others Hunt walks through are:

1. Talk To Joss

Add a little bit of information in this section.

Talk to Joss and ask him to look through Randy’s things for a lead and follow River.

2. Look For Clues To Help Find Randy

To do so, explore and scan the area, picking up the loot along the way. These are the significant clues:

  1. Firstly, go through the door down the hall from the bathroom.
  2. Under the bed is a computer. There’s your clue.
  3. You can crack it with a Technical Ability of 9 or Level 10 Intelligence (via Breach Protocol).
  4. Make an educated guess if you lack technical knowledge. Play the record outside to find Liberum Arbitrium.
  5. Return to River and Punch the track title.
  6. At this time, sit at the computer, view the files and select all the messages.

3. Follow River And Watch Recording

You can chat with Joss longer, but when you’re ready, discuss what you found and then head to bed.

To summarize, relive the Braindances and scan for clues.

I. Scan For Clues In First Braindance
  • Visuals: The teacher
  • Visuals: The bulletin board in the Cafeteria
  • Visuals: @1:23 the trophy on the wall

Follow the prompt to move to the next stage of the brain dance and exit to proceed.

II. Scan For Clues In Second Braindance

Here are some visual timestamps from the video in the second Braindance:

  • 00:02: Harris with a cow
  • 00:08: Harris’ father
  • 00:14: Console located to the left of Harris’ father
  • 00:55: Cattle injectors for hormones, located further down from the family in the direction Harris is walking
  • 1:05: Supplements in the feed Crate, slightly ahead and left of Harris
  • 02:03: Cartoon playing on the TV
III. Scan For Clues In Third Braindance

Before delving into the analysis, it’s crucial to consider the context of the brain dance sequence.

A solar panel is also situated near the computer and a model farm. Scan everything in the Braindance for success. 

Choose Between Cyberpunk Edgewood Or Poppy Farm

Finally, after finishing the third Braindance, it is advisable to consult with River.

Once you locate all the signals in the cerebral choreography, River will transport you and himself to the appropriate farm.

However, if you cannot collect all the possible information from each Braindance, you will have to guess the farm name.

Subsequently, you and River will head to Poppy Farm to realize that you are at the wrong farm.

As a result, you won’t be able to find Randy in time, and you will have to head back to Edgewood Farm.

The Bottom Line

In Cyberpunk, Edgewood and Poppy is a farm located on Edgewood Lane in the Rocky Ridge region of the northern and southern Laguna Bend of  Badlands, respectively.

You have to unlock the Hunt through a different Quest.

Finally, after reliving all the Braindances, you will get an idea to choose the suitable farm between Edgewood or Poppy Farm.

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