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What Is Damage Calculator For Dark And Darker?

Dark and Darker is a multiplayer FPS extraction game that allows players to explore different dungeons, engage in PvPvE battles, and kill monsters for loot while defending against other players.

Additionally, the game features an accurate Damage formula that takes on different factors.

Dark and Darker Damage Calculator uses a Damage formula in the game. The formula for Damage Calculator is ((((Base Damage + Weapon/Magical Damage)* Power Bonus) + Additional Damage) * Location Bonus * Damage Reduction * Projectile Reduction) + True Damage.

This article discusses the Dark and Darker Damage Calculator and its factors.

How To Use A Damage Calculator For Dark And Darker?

A Damage Calculator in Dark and Darker is a Formula that calculates the total Damage dealt to a monster or opponent.

Furthermore, it contains different factors which can increase or decrease the total Damage.

Those changes can be analyzed with the help of the Damage Calculator.

This allows players to focus on a specific skill and weapon that helps them to increase the Damage power and survivability in a dungeon.

Here is how the Damage Calculator Formula works in Dark and Darker ;

((((Base Damage + Weapon/Magical Damage)* Power Bonus) + Additional Damage) * Location Bonus * Damage Reduction * Projectile Reduction) + True Damage
Damage Calculator
Example of Damage calculation when using the Ignited Crystal sword.

Here is the step-by-step breakdown of the formula;

1. Base Damage

Base Damage is the value displayed on your weapon, skill or spell.

Additionally, to base Damage, any instance of weapon Damage or Magical Damage on equipment is also added.

However, the weapon Damage will not be applied when the physical Damage is not from weapon attacks.

This means that skills like Rupture, Caltrops, Achilles Strike, and so on will not have a weapon Damage bonus on your equipment.

Therefore, don’t waste your gold on this item or skills.

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2. Additional physical Or Magical Damage

After you have added the base and weapon/magical Damage, multiply it by the power bonus.

Then, you add any Additional physical or Magical Damage.

Unlike Weapon Damage, additional Damage does not benefit from the power bonus.

However, it will apply alternative forms of Damage, like a rupture.

Furthermore, the strength bonus does not benefit additional Damage and is placed at low-strength builds.

As it can not be affected by the negative power bonus.

As for the Magical users, they cannot get magical Damage as an enchantment on the gear because it exists only on spellbooks and Crystal balls.

After adding the Additional Damage, you will start dealing with a universal multiplier.

3. Universal Multiplier (Location)

On universal multiplier, there are few specific things that players can focus on which multiplies the total Damage till now.

The first is the Location Bonus; players can get the bonus Damage from headshots or negated Damage from hitting the limbs.

Hitting the limbs, the Damage is multiplied by 50%. For the headshots, it is 150% by default.

However, most of the headwear reduces this multiplier.

Players can also modify this multiplier, as it adds 10% with Barbarian’s Executioner and 15% for Ranger’s Sharpshooter.

However, the Damage is additive. For instance, with a leather cap and Executioner, the multiplier will be 153%, reducing 7% Headshot Damage.

4. Universal Multiplier (Damage Reduction)

Damage Reduction is the process of reducing the enemy’s armor value. Specific abilities can modify it.

Some of the abilities, such as Reckless attacks, thrush, or Armor penetration on gear, multiply the enemy armor reduction, while Melt will subtract 10%.

To prioritize, the player can apply the bonus form melt, barricade and taunt at first, then armor penetration.

5. Universal Multiplier (Projectile Reduction)

Players have to get their hands on the plat armor, a fighter projectile resistance, or an enchantment on equipment to get this stat.

Also, it only applies to projectiles such as Arrows, Throwables, Fireball, Magic Missiles, Bolt, and Ice Bolt.

6. True Damage

Once all of that is multiplied, players can end by adding True Damage.

It is not affected by any other calculation and does not benefit from a power bonus or headshots.

However, it also isn’t reduced by any type of Damage Reduction.

This is how players can Calculate Damage in Dark and Darker.

The Bottom Line

There could be multiple sources of Damage, players need to calculate each individual source separately.

Damage Calculator is a great way to know your Damage output and test out various combinations of skills, weapons and equipment before heading to the dungeon.

Hopefully, this article gives you general knowledge while calculating the in-game Damage.

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