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The Dark And Darker Wipe: The Ultimate Overview

Dark and Darker Wipe is an event that will take place in the online role-playing game Dark and Darker.

The team has made a controversial decision to wipe out everything and start on a clean slate.

Dark and Darker is a multiplayer dungeon game that is set to wipe out everything on Monday, August 28th. The game is wiping all players’ progression to be able to improve gameplay and a lot of other features.

This article discusses the Dark and Darker game and the wipe, which will take place soon.

What Is Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker is a multiplayer game that features PvPvE (player versus player versus environment) gameplay.

The players engage in combat against the monsters to maintain valuable items.

However, the playable area gradually shrinks as the match progresses, which forces players to encounter each other.

Dark and Darker Wipe out
Dark and Darker is set to wipe out all its progress and start over in a clean slate.

The game is currently in development by Ironmace Studios and is scheduled to be released for PC in early 2024.

Here are some of the key features of Dark and Darker:

  1. The game is set in a dark, atmospheric medieval fantasy world focused on exploration and combat.
  2. Players can choose from a variety of character classes, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles.
  3. The combat in Dark and Darker is challenging and rewarding, focusing on strategy and skill.
  4. Players must combat the monster and other players to survive.
  5. Players can collaborate with friends to explore the dungeons and fight the monsters.

Is Dark and Darker Wiping?

The Dark and Darker is set to wipe on August 28th, Monday.

Similarly, this wipe is done to start the season off on a clean slate.

So the player’s progress, inventory items, gold and anything else will all be wiped out.

Moreover, Dark and Darker announced the game’s potential wipe coming very soon during its pre-release.

The wipe has been said to be started from August 22nd during the Hotfix #6.

Additionally, the players already in the middle of the game have 30 minutes to end the game during the wipe.


Why Is The Dark and Darker Wiping?

Dark and Darker might be wiping its progression for various reasons.

But it is mostly due to the team’s need to make the game perfect before officially being released on multiple platforms.

The developers are planning to make some major changes to the game, which include:

  • A new progression system
  • A new crafting system
  • A new endgame
  • A number of bug fixes and balance changes

Furthermore, all characters and inventories will be reset, so the player must start over from scratch.

In addition, the developers understand that this may be frustrating for some players.

But they believe that it is necessary to make the game the best it can be.

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Features Of Dark And Darker Wipe

The features of the wipe in Dark and Darker are as follows:

  1. All characters and inventories will be reset. This means that players will lose all of their progress, including their levels, items, and gear.
  2. A new progression system will be implemented. This system will be based on skill and experience rather than simply grinding for levels.
  3. A new casting system will be implemented. This system will allow players to create their own items and gear using resources that they find in the game.
  4. A number of bug fixes and balance changes will be made. This will improve the overall experience of the game.
  5. The currency used to unlock classes will be refunded.
  6. There will be a slight increase in game time for normal Inferno maps.
  7. There will be increased game time for all High Roller maps.
  8. The Shrine of Protection’s buff will be reduced from 30% to 15%.
  9. The Rogue will no longer be capable of equipping the Hand Crossbow.
  10. The instruments will now be a bard-only.
  11. There will be adjustments to specific weapon damage and armor penetration.

Moreover, the developers believe these changes will make Dark and Darker a better game for everyone.

Also, they will be providing more information about the wipe through their Twitter account.

Who Will Be Affected By The Wipe?

The wipe will affect all players, regardless of their progress.

This means that even if you are a high-level player with a lot of gear, you will still need to start over from scratch.

In addition, the wipe will also affect all servers.

This means that you will not be able to transfer your characters or inventory to another server.

Additionally, the developers have said that they will provide a way for players to earn compensation for the wipe.

If you are still unsure about the wipe, you can always contact the developers for more information.

The Bottom Line

Dark and Darker is a multiplayer dungeon game present in player versus player versus environment gameplay.

The wipe will erase all of the game’s progress, inventory items, gold and others, starting everything on a clean slate.

Even though the wipe frustrates the player, it can be a good opportunity for the developer to improve the gameplay.

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