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How To Obtain Dark And Darker Volcanic Ash?

Volcanic Ash is one of the exclusive crafting items in Dark and Darker.

Players can obtain the material after completing an in-game event.

Players can use Dark and Darker Volcanic Ash as trading items to obtain Gold and rewards. The Ash can be extracted by defeating one of the Wizard NPC. 

Continure Reading to know the usage and the location of the Volcanic Ash in Dark and Darker. 

What Is Volcanic Ash? 

Volcanic Ash is one of the rare crafting items in the Dark and Darker game.

Moreover, Players can trade the Volcanic material in-game for an excellent price.

Players can sell the extremely rare material for as low as 60 gold with in-game merchants.

However, Players must beat a Wizard NPC to obtain the Volcanic Ash

Further, the Wizards in the game are known as Potent Spellcasters.

These characters use their dark magic to create a world beyond reality. 

When players attack the Wizard, they can even create a blockage to avoid damage.

The NPCs are in-game characters that guide or battle players for upcoming events.

Moreover, the NPCs can give players various rewards or show a getaway to complete various quests.

As the game is recently launched, the Ash has no beneficial usage other than trading.

Thankfully, if there is an update on the future Quests, the Bottle of Volcanic Ash can provide significant advantages.

For the best usage, storing all the rare items might be beneficial for upcoming quests.

How To Obtain The Volcanic Ash? 

If Players are willing to extract the Volcanic Ash in Dark and Drker, they must defeat a Wizard.

The Wizards may have the lowest health and physical damage in the game but are versatile in nature. 

Players can use abilities, including the Lightning Strike and Zap, to commence a battle with the wizard.

Battle with the Wizard to obtain the Volcanic Ash.

Upon defeating the Wizard, players will receive the Ash, which later can be traded for gold.

However, upgrading the skills and abilities is a must to destroy those powerful creatures.

Players have eight classes to choose from; Players can obtain any classes that suit their gameplay.

Moreover, many in-game Merchants can guide players to exchange their items for equal-value goods.

Alchemists, Armourers, Treasur, and Weaponsmiths are some of the All Event Travelers Merchants.

Whereas Valentine, Santa, Pumpkin Man, and Goblin are the Special Event Travelers Merchant

In Contrast, Gold can be used for obtaining various exclusive items by trading with any of these Merchants. 

Players can opt to buy potent weapons and armor to have significant advantages in the fight.

Further, players can buy various consumables, jewelry, and materials all well.

However, Players must know the Traps, Magic spells, Ambushes, and Wizard’s versatile play style. 

The Bottom Line

Volcanic Ash in Dark and Darker is the exclusive crafting material.

It can be obtained after defeating the Wizard in one of the quests.

Moreover, the Ash can be used for trading Gold and other exclusive inventories. 

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