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How To Get Tinder In Palworld? Craft Fire Items

Tinder is a resource that can be used to light fires or craft items in Palworld.

Significantly, Tinder is a valuable and versatile resource you don’t want to miss.

Whether you want to cook food, warm up, light up dark areas, scare away enemies, or craft fire items, you need Tinder.

Continue reading to learn about Tinder, from where to find it, how to use it, and how to trade it with other players or NPCs. 

How To Obtain Tinder In Palworld?

Tinder is a flammable material that can be used to start or maintain fires in Palworld.

You can use Tinder to craft various items, such as torches, bombs, fire arrows, and fireworks. 

You can obtain Tinder in the following ways:

1. Harvest From Tinder Trees

You can obtain Tinder by harvesting it from Tinder Trees, which are red and orange trees that grow in the Firelands biome.

The Firelands biome is a hot and dry area that is home to many fire-type Pals.

You can use a knife or a sharp Pal to cut off the Tinder Branches from the trees, and then break them down into smaller pieces of Tinder.

Moreover, you can use a fire Pal or an item to burn the branches and get Tinder faster, but be careful not to start a wildfire.

harvest tinder
Harvest Tinder from trees

2. Buy From Shops Or Traders

You can obtain Tinder also by buying it from shops or traders, or by trading it with other players in multiplayer mode.

Generally, shops and traders are NPCs that sell various items and resources in Palworld.

You can find them in towns, villages, camps, or random locations.

However, you can use money or other items to buy Tinder from them.

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Craft Fire Items With Tinder

You can craft fire items with Tinder and other resources on a workbench.

Here are some examples of fire items and how to craft them:

1. Fire arrow

A type of ammo that can be used with a Fire Bow to shoot flaming arrows.

You need 1 Tinder, 1 Feather, and 1 Stick to craft 1 Fire Arrow.

Further, you need to unlock the Primitive Workbench to craft it.

primitive workbench
You need to unlock the Primitive Workbench to craft Fire Bow.

2. Torch

A handheld item that can be used to illuminate dark places or set things on fire.

You need 1 Tinder and 1 Stick to craft 1 Torch.

Similarly, you need to unlock the Primitive Workbench to craft it.

3. Bomb

A throwable item that can be used to explode enemies or obstacles.

You need 1 Tinder, 1 Gunpowder, and 1 Cloth to craft 1 Bomb.

Further, you need to unlock the Advanced Workbench to craft it.

4. Firework

A decorative item that can be used to launch colorful sparks into the sky.

You need 1 Tinder, 1 Gunpowder, and 1 Paper to craft 1 Firework.

Notably, you need to unlock the Advanced Workbench to craft it.

make campfire
You can make a campfire with Tinder.

How To Trade Tinder With Shops Or Traders?

Trading Tinder with other players or NPCs is a great way to get more resources or items in Palworld.

Here are some tips on how to trade Tinder effectively:

1. With Shops Or Traders

To trade Tinder with shops or traders, you must find them in various locations in Palworld.

Shops and traders are NPCs that sell different items and resources for money or other items.

However, you can use the map or the compass to locate them or look for signs or tents that indicate their presence.

2. With Other Players

To trade Tinder with other players, you need to use the multiplayer mode.

Generally, multiplayer mode allows you to play online with other players in Palworld.

You can join or create a server and invite or accept other players to play with you.

Additionally, you can use the chat or the trade menu to communicate and trade with other players.

Moreover, you can offer or request Tinder or other items in exchange for something else.

3. Trade Tinder Effectively

To trade Tinder effectively, you need to know its value and demand.

However, its value and demand may vary depending on the location, the season, the availability, and the preferences of the traders or players.

Hence, you need to discover the current prices and trends of Tinder and other items in Palworld.

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