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Dark Matter In New World: Farm In 3 Different Ways

Dark matter is one of the greatest mysteries of modern physics.

It makes up most of the matter in the universe, but we can’t see it or interact with it directly.

However, some scientists believe there is a way to access a new world hidden within the Dark Matter. 

Dark Matter in the New World is used for crafting legendary artifacts and upgrading named items. Further, one can farm Dark Matter in three different ways: PvP reward track, doing portal events and doing dungeons.

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What Is Dark Matter In The New World?

Dark Matter is a new material introduced in the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion for the New World.

Generally, it is used for two primary purposes: crafting legendary artifacts and upgrading named items.

1. Crafting Legendary Artifacts

Legendary artifacts are powerful weapons and armor that have unique names and perks.

One can craft them at the Forge or the Arcane Repository, depending on the type of item.

You need to obtain the corresponding Artifact Resource to craft a legendary artifact.

It is a rare drop from high-level bosses or expeditions.

Additionally, it would be best to reach the maximum level in the relevant profession, such as Weaponsmithing or Arcana.

Dark matter
Dark Matter is used for upgrading named items.

2. Upgrading Named Items

Named items have a fixed name and gear score but random perks.

One can obtain them from various sources, such as quests, PvP reward tracks, elite chests, and invasions.

Named items with a gear score of 650 or higher can be upgraded to 700 using Dark Matter and other materials.

Contrarily, to upgrade a named item, you must visit a Gypsum Kiln and craft an item cast using a Gypsum Orb, a Matrix, and Dark Matter.

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How To Farm Dark Matter In The New World?

Players can farm Dark Matter in 3 different ways: PvP reward track, doing portal events and doing dungeons in New World.

1. PvP Reward Track

One of the easiest ways to get Dark Matter is by participating in the PvP reward track.

The PvP reward track has ten tiers, each with ten levels. You can earn XP for the track by doing any PvP activity, but some will give you more XP than others.

The Dark Matter reward is at the track’s tier 10, level 10. This means you need to reach the maximum level of the track to claim it. 

To farm Dark Matter from the PvP reward track, you need to do a lot of PvP activities and claim your rewards regularly.

Further, you can only claim one artifact weapon per week, so you must wait for the next week to get another.

Additionally, you can reset your track progress for 500 azoth if you want to try a different weapon type.

Participating in the PvP reward track lets you farm Dark Matter.

2. Portal Events

Another way to farm Dark Matter is through portal events in the new zone, Elysian Wilds.

You can portal events on red icons on the map and have different difficulty levels, ranging from minor (level 60) to major (level 65).

These reward you with various items and resources, including Dark Matter.

However, the amount of Dark Matter you get depends on the difficulty level of the portal and your luck. 

To farm Dark Matter from portal events, you must look for portal spawns on the map and join other players in closing them.

You can use a tuning orb to open a portal, but this requires a lot of corrupted shards and azoth.

Therefore, portal events are challenging and require coordination, so ensure you have a good group and gear before attempting them.

You need to do a lot of PvP activities.

3. Perform Dungeons

The third way to farm Dark Matter is by doing dungeons in New World.

Dungeons are instanced areas that require a group of five players and a tuning orb to enter. 

To farm Dark Matter from dungeons, you need a tuning orb for the dungeon you want to enter.

Further, you can craft tuning orbs at a stonecutting station using various materials, such as corrupted shards, runestones, motes, and quintessences.

You must also have a high enough level and gear score to enter the dungeon and survive its challenges.

The Bottom Line

Dark Matter is a valuable resource that can help you craft and upgrade powerful artifacts with unique and potent effects.

However, it is also rare and hard to obtain, so you must invest much time and effort.

Whether you prefer PvP, PvE, or a mix of both, you can find a way to farm it that suits your playstyle and goals. 

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