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A Guide To The Background Check Mission In Escape From Tarkov

Background Check is one of the quests in Escape from Tarkov that asks players to retrieve a certain item.

This is one of the earliest missions in the game that unlocks once players reach level 2.

In the Background check mission of Escape from Tarkov, players must obtain the Bronze pocket watch on a chain on the Customs map. However, players must retrieve the machinery key beforehand to unlock the fuel tank door to receive the watch.

Continue reading this article to learn how to complete the Background Check mission in Escape from Tarkov.

What Is the Background Check Mission In Escape From Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, the quests are assigned by various in-game personalities like the Therapist, Lightkeeper, etc.

Similarly, the Background Check mission is assigned by the Praptor once players reach level 2 in the game.

According to the mission objectives, players must find and hand over a Bronze Pocket Watch to the Praptor.

Background check mission Tarkov
Objectives of the Background Check mission in Escape from Tarkov.

However, players cannot directly obtain the bronze watch as they also require a Machinery Key.

This is because the machinery key unlocks the door which hides the bronze pocket match.

Finally, players can complete this mission on the Customs map which is an industrial area.

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How To Obtain The Machinery Key In Background Check?

The Machinery key is a specific key that unlocks a fuel truck’s door in the industrial area.

Hence, players must jump into the Customs map and head towards the south to start the search.

Specifically, players must locate the second floor of the three-story dorm building in the south.

Collecting Machinery Key in Background Check
Collecting Machinery Key from the yellow jacket in Background Check mission.

Once there, players should enter room 205 after jumping on top of debris blocking the hall.

Then, they must find the Yellow Jacket that hangs next to another jacket on the wall.

Finally, players can obtain the Machinery Key after searching the pocket of the yellow jacket.

Location Of The Bronze Pocketwatch In Background Check

The next part of the quest for players is to find the bronze pocket watch on the same map.

Hence, players must locate a fuel truck and unlock its doors to obtain the bronze watch.

To locate the fuel truck, players must head to the North of the map in the construction site.

Bronze Pocketwatch in tarkov background check
Retrieving the Bronze Pocketwatch in Escape from Tarkov Tarkov’s Background Check mission.

Specifically, players should look for a truck with a rusty(yellow)fuel tank on the site.

Then, they must unlock the driver’s side door of the truck to find the bronze pocket watch.

Finally, they must retrieve the pocket watch and hand it to Praptor to complete the quest.

However, players must note that dying during the retrieval process means quest failure.

The Bottom Line

The Background Check mission teaches players about the nature of the game by assigning them an easy task.

However, players must be on alert as other players might try to do the same quest on the Customs map.

Therefore, it is suggested for players to clear the area before retrieving the Key and the Pocketwatch.

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