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Can Raphael Remove The Tadpole And Should You Trust Him?

Baldur’s Gate 3 starts with tadpoles stuck into your eyeballs and has consequences if they’re allowed to stay in your skull.

Raphael lurks around the players with his riddles and questions.

Can Raphael remove the tadpole if you agree with him?

Raphael can remove the tadpole issue according to his agreement being able to cure it for you instantly. Trusting or not trusting Raphael completely depends on the players.

This article gives details on whether you should or should not trust Raphael. 

Who Is Raphael In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Raphael an antagonist is a demon by nature and profession, naturally evil, crafty, and good with his words.

You will meet him first outside the Underdark and later on, starting Act 2 at Last Light Inn

Raphael in BG3
Raphael an antagonist is a demon by nature.

Also, once you reach Baldur’s fate in Act 3, Raphael appears.

Raphael surely does not have a good mindset, and his actions are anything but normal.

You’re right to be wary of Raphael’s motives, using his cunning to outwit people.

And also forcing them into bad bargains without them even realizing it.

However, he has significant part to play in the personal quest line of BG3 companion Astarion.

He is said to be a witty boss who can remove the tadpole.

Should You Trust Raphael In BG3?

When you encounter Raphael on a quest in BG3 in Act 3, he will offer you a deal and a favor in return.

He offers you a deal in exchange for removing the tadpole in your head. But the real question should you accept this agreement?

The favor he wants is for the player to bring him the crown of Karsus which lets him rule the nine hells.

If Raphael gets his hands on the crown of Karsus, he will get very powerful, which is surely not good for you and your teammates.

It’s up to the player to agree with Raphael and help him get the crown of Karsus.

His offer might sound very appealing to you but make the right decision not a rational one.

Consider all the available options before you decide on something because the strings are attached.

Likewise, Raphael can make those strings extremely difficult to deal with. Trusting or not trusting depends on the player’s motive.

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Can Raphael Remove The Tadpole?

Raphael can remove the tadpole stuck into your eyeballs, but with his witty behavior, he will avoid doing so.

He then makes commitment to come back and seal the deal, but Act is when that resolution actually materializes.

Raphael ultimately is unable to get rid of the parasite, and the cost he demands could be disastrous for the entire world.

However, on the other hand, even if he does remove the tadpole, it comes with consequences that really won’t be in your favor.

What Happens After You Accept Raphael’s Offer In BG3?

If somehow you end up accepting his offer, there are a few things that your group will be granted.

It includes The Cure To The Tadpole and The Orphic Hammer.

Orphic hammer BG3
Players can receive an Orphic hammer in BG3.

You get rid of the tadpole and even receive an orphic hammer; this looks like a cherry on top, doesn’t it?

Well, it does come with some kind of downside, and the player will have to deal with a boss which could cause a lot of damage.

Even your fellow members will point this out and a nice piece of advice for you would be not to comply with Raphael’s request.

More than that, the narrator will tell you upfront that Raphael is definitely striving for something horrible.

For that reason, the misery Raphael would bring is not worth the trade.

In addition, the boss you must defeat in order to obtain the crown is a true pain.

Refusing his offer will speed up your gameplay and save you time.

What Happens If You Decline Raphael’s Offer In BG3?

In BG3, the devil will become offended if you reject Raphael’s offer, but the offer will still stand.

This implies that you can strike bargain with the devil if you ever change your mind.

Your party will appreciate you more after declining the offer, and you won’t have Raphael’s strings attached going forward.

Raphael’s offers are still available to you even if you reject him.

You still have chance to obtain the Orphic Hammer, but you’ll need to conduct cunning operation.

How To Get The Orphic Hammer Without Raphael’s Deal In BG3?

You must learn more about the devil in order to obtain the Orphic Hammer in BG3 without Raphael’s offer.

  • While completing the Gauntlet of Shar task, do not kill Yurgir.
  • When you do, Yurgir will provide you with all the information you want regarding how to enter Raphael’s home.
  • You can sneak into Raphael’s home and take the Orphic Hammer using this information.
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The Bottom Line

Raphael helps you to get the tadpole out of your eyeballs and saves you from the consequences.

If you help Raphael get the crown of Karsus, it is going to make him invisible.

However, if you decide not to take his offer try other methods to deal with the tadpole it is even better, and it is possible as well.

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