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Discover The Brain Burst Build In Darktide

Brain burst is a significant skill to build for the Psyker class in Darktide.

Psyker, also known as Psykinetic, is a class that players can acquire in the game.

Psykers are the class with psychic abilities in the game. Brain Burst is the most significant skill of Psyker in Darktide, which has an optimized build if you choose to kill elites and practise the look and feel of melee.

This article will dive deeper into the details of the brain burst build of the Psyker class.

What Is Psyker In Darktide?

Darktide or Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is an action role-playing game.

Psyker is one of the classes of the game who are also known as Psykinetic.

The Psyker characters have major strengths, among which brain burst is their main.

In addition, they are psychic mutants with very powerful mental abilities.

Their ability to manipulate forces of motion with the power of your mind is quite unique.

Furthermore, their stats have 150 for Health and 100 for Toughness, which is impressive.

Being Part of the Psyker class provides you with unique weapons such as:

  • Sword (Dueling)
  • Force Staff (Purgatus)
  • Force Staff (Purtagus)
  • Force Staff (Surge)
  • Sword (Force)
  • Force Staff (Voidstrike)

Also, you can acquire other weapons such as combat blades, Lasgun, Axe, Chainsword, Autogun, and many more.

Psyker Class Darktide
Psyker is a class in Darktide who have powerful psychic abilities.

In addition, the mental powers of Psykers channel Immaterium which is the essence of daemons and gods.

Their history describes them as a victim of hatred and betrayal by humanity.

So, they do not trust anyone, including other Psykers, due to their history of being controlled and victimized.

Their skills in manipulating others’ mind comes from their unwavering discipline to themselves.

Also, the Psykers’ main Psykinetic power is Brain Burst, an influential power with much damage.

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What Is Brain Burst In Darktide?

There are many functional abilities of the Psyker that you can practice in Warhammer Darktide.

In addition, Psykinetic’s Wrath and Warp Peril are some of the abilities of the Psyker class.

However, among all the abilities, the primary ability of the Psykers is the brain burst skill.

Brain Burst, as the name suggests, is an ability that damages enemies by rupturing their brains.

Brain Burst Darktide
Brain Burst is the most helpful skill of Psykers, which ruptures the enemy’s brain.

To perform a brain burst, you can press G, which will raise your hands.

Then, left-clicking the mouse button for three or more seconds will successfully burst the enemy’s brain.

The brain burst is the most helpful skill for Psyker, which has many advantages.

Here are some of the features of the Brain Burst skill that make it the most valuable skill.

  1. The Brain Burst skill has unlimited range, so you can also target an enemy from a longer distance.
  2. Brain Burst 1-2 shots elites enemies. The most helpful feature of the skill is taking down the elite enemies.
  3. The skill requires no line of sight toward the target unless the ‘lock on’ property exists.
  4. You can dodge enemy attacks backwards or sideways to avoid damage.
  5. You can pre-charge the target with the right mouse button and hit it as soon as you see them.

Pre-charging the brain burst makes many hits efficient and improves the damage to enemies.

In addition, you can pre-charge the brain burst by clicking the right mouse button.

Then, when you see the enemy, you can click the left mouse button to apply the Brain Burst.

Brain Bust Skill Build 

Brain Burst is the most valuable and significant skill for the Psykers in Darktide.

In addition, its features, such as not always aiming at the enemy and still performing the skill, make it much more helpful.

Furthermore, once locked on, you can duck or hide behind a pillar and successfully perform a brain burst on an enemy.

This feature helps you to dodge the enemies and attack and still do damage to the enemy.

Here are a few tips to level up your brain burst skill build, according to a Reddit player OxdisedGearz.

  1. You can choose any primary weapon to perform the brain burst skill.
  2. Choose a primary weapon according to your personal preference.
  3. You might want to cool down on your combat ability and focus on killing elites.
  4. You should try different melee attacks and see which you like the most.
  5. Force swords can dodge infinitely, Seimos are suitable for single targets, and Obscuris is a kind of all-rounder.

So, focus on the melee attacks and choose any primary weapon for the build of Brain Burst in darktide.

The Bottom Line

Psyker or Psykinetic is a class with psychic abilities in Darktide.

In addition, their mental powers to manipulate others’ minds are quite impressive.

Although they have many skills and abilities, Brain Burst is the most significant skill for Psykers.

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