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Overview Of Flak Armored Enemies: Wahammer 40,000 Darktide

In Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, players sometimes have to battle with the flak armored enemies.

Similarly, Darktide is an action-packed game that allows users to experience the world of countless enemies and various armor types.

To navigate the dangerous battlefield effectively, players must clearly understand the enemy and their armor classification.

In Darktide, Flak’s armored enemies include Bombers, Renegade Captains, and Scab Ragers, who are great combatants who can be a great threat to the players.

Continue reading to find out more about the flak armored enemies in Darktide.

 Darktide: Overview Of Enemies Variations

In Darktide, players must counter numerous formidable enemy types with unique characteristics.

During the initial phase of the game, players have to encounter Scabs and Dregs as their opponents.

Scabs are the traitor guardsmen of the Mobian Sixth; players can recognize them from their classic gray armor and lasguns.

Similarly, Dregs are corrupted civilians without any military training or weapons; players can recognize them from yellow clothing.

As players move to the difficult stage, they have to encounter enemies that pose great threats like Poxwalkers and Groaners.

Likewise, Poxwalkers are the enemies from the Infested category, players can spot them from the green skin and minimal clothing.

Moreover, Groaners are the unarmored zombies inflicted with infections,  famous for their blue/purple/pink skin. 

Unarmored Enemy
Players fighting with unarmored enemies.

Besides that, players must surpass the intimidating specialists and Elites besides basic zombies and traitor guardsmen.

The specialist category includes Bombers, Flamers, Gunners, Mutants, Pox Bursters and Hounds, Snipers, Trappers, and Tox Flamers.

Similarly, the Elite category includes Bulwarks, Crushers, Maulers, and Reapers.  

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 Warhammer 40,000 Darktide: Classification Of Armor Types

In Darktide, players must defeat several enemies from various armor classifications during the battle.

Similarly, players must encounter enemies from six different armor types.

However, some enemies might exhibit characteristics of multiple types.

Likewise, players can reveal the armor type of the enemies by targeting a specific spot in the Psykhanium.

Here is the overview of all of the Darktide’s Armor types.

  • Carpace Armor: Enemies like Crusher, Mauler, Bulwark, and Reaper equip the Carpace armor.
  • Flak Armor: Similarly, most of the enemies in Darktide equip the flak armor; these include Bombers, Renegade Captians, and Scab Ragers.
  • Unarmored: Players can also find unarmored enemies such as Snipers, Groaners, and Dreg gunmen.
  • Unyielding: Beasts of Nurgle, Plague Ogryns and Daemonhosts fall under the unyielding armor type.
  • Maniacs: Maniacs are the specialist enemies, it includes Dreg Ragers, Flamers, Tox Flamers, Mutants and Trappers
  • Infested: Pox Bursters, Infested Poxwalkers and Pox Hounds fall under this category, as they are inflicted with Nurgle’s disease.

Flak Armored Enemies: Warhammer 40,000 Darktide

Players have to encounter flak armored enemies repeatedly Among all the other opponents in the game.

Like other formidable adversaries in the game, Flak Armored Enemies presents a significant threat to the players.

Flak Armored Enemy
Players Fighting with Flak Armored Enemy

Players have to concentrate on their battles and be precise with their target to defeat Flak Armored Enemies.

Moreover, during the encounter with Flak Armored Enemies, players have to target the enemy on their weak points (head or body).

Here are the enemies that equip flak armor sets and are highly formidable:

  • Scrab Drags: Scrab Drags are famous for their flak armored bodies and shoulders; players should focus on targeting their legs.
  • Scrab Drag Shooters: Likewise, in Scrab Drags, players must target the least armored body part; the weakest link is their legs.
  • Scab Maulers: While Fighting Scab Maulers, as they are predominantly flak armored, players have to hit their bodies constantly.
  • Scab Gunners: Like Scap Maulers they also have flak armored bodies, however, players can target unarmored heads.
  • Scab Bombers: Moreover, scab Bombers also have flak armored heads and bodies, however, players can target unarmored legs.

The Bottom Line

Players should prepare and equip the right weapons to navigate the treacherous battlefields of Darktide.

Similarly, it is necessary to understand and learn about all of the enemies in Darktide to ensure your victory.

Players must deeply understand the flak armored enemies and their weakest link to defeat them easily.

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