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Dasher Direct App Not Working: Causes and Fixes

Dashers are facing some issues in the Dasher Direct App as it has gone under maintenance. 

Many users are complaining about this issue on Reddit as they are not able to use the payout method due to the glitch.

Some possible fixes you can try for the Dasher Direct app not working include updating the app, restarting, and reinstalling. But if these fixes do not work, you must wait for the updates and maintenance to complete.

Continue to learn more about why the dasher app is not working and the possible fixes.

Dasher Direct App Issues

The Direct Dasher App has not been working properly for a few hours.

The dasher direct app has been down as it is crashing frequently.

This is causing trouble to the users as many people depend on dashing for income.

The app just toggles back and forth between the logout screen and the maintenance notification.

Maintenance notification in the Direct Dasher app not working.
Maintenance notification in the Direct Dasher app not working.

Dasher app’s most used features, including fund transfer, are also temporarily unavailable.

Further, there is no sync of the payout deposit to the Dasher direct account.

People who are dashing for money are not able to access the money in their accounts.

Additionally, the app doesn’t let you check your balance due to app maintenance problems.

Dasher Direct App Not Working: Causes

The main cause of the Dasher Direct app being down is due to the maintenance going on.

The app broke and is not working correctly due to some server-side updates.

So, the Dasher direct app maintenance is causing inconvenience.

Dasher App not working issue is causing you to log out of your account.
The Dasher App not working issue is causing you to log out of your account.

The developers are currently working to bring some new features to the app.

Further, the server needs to be updated timely for the smooth functioning of the app.

Dasher Direct App Not Working: Fixes

The fixes mentioned below may or may not work because the app is working on some updates.

So, the app may work fine only after the maintenance is completed.

In the meantime, some general fixes that you can try when the Dasher Direct app is not working include:

1. Transfer Your Money To Some Other Account

While the Dasher Direct app is down, you cannot make any transactions from the app in case of emergencies.

It’s better that you transfer your money to another account, if possible, during the glitch.

Further, you can use the money you already had in your account before the downtime.

2. Update The App

Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app with bug-free updated features.

You can easily update the app from your App Store by searching for the Direct Dasher app.

Update the DasherDirect app from the App Store.
Update the DasherDirect app from the App Store.

Like the App Store, you can update your app in the playstore for Android. 

3. Clear App Cache Files

Clearing the cache files removes the temporarily stored files and enables the app to run smoothly.

 To clear the app cache in IOS, follow the simple steps:

  • Go to your Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Then, tap on iPhone Storage.
  • Search for the Dasher Direct app and Click on Offload App.
Clearing app cache files
Clearing app cache files.

This will take a few times to offload, and you can reinstall the app again.

4. Reinstall The App

If any one of the solutions does not work, you can try reinstalling the app.

To reinstall the app from your phone, you can simply uninstall it and then install it again from the App store or Play store.

After launching the app, the glitches and issues may be solved.

5. Contact Dasher Via Direct Phone Number

You can contact the support on the Dasher direct phone number at 855-431-0459.

Further, you can chat with customer support for additional assistance and queries.

You can get the required information from the official about the maintenance and updates in the app.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Dasher Direct app is not working due to the ongoing maintenance to add further updates.

According to the officials, it may still take 24-48 hours to finish the update for the app.

Thankfully, you can still use your card to withdraw cash at the ATM while the Dasherdirect app is down.

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