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Back Button Not Working On Facebook: Reasons And Fixes

There is a bug with the back button not working on Facebook.

This issue is causing many issues for the users who use the platform simply to socialize with others.

The back button not working on Facebook is a bug that causes the system’s back button to stop functioning. The issue comes right after the recent update from Facebook. Furthermore, there are no solutions for the issue currently.

This article discusses the back button not working on a Facebook bug, its reasons and possible fixes.

Back Button Not Working On Facebook Bug

The back button not working on Facebook bug is an issue that causes the back button to stop while using Facebook.

Furthermore, this bug causes the back button to stop responding and even causes the nav bar to crash for the users.

However, if the users use the back button of the Facebook application itself, they can navigate to previous pages.

This is highly inconvenient for the users because the back button for Facebook is on the top left corner of the application.

However, the developers are actively rolling out various new updates and build after the findings of this bug to solve it.

Reasons For Back Button Not Working On Facebook

The main reason for the Facebook back button not working bug is incompatibility between the Facebook app and the Android system.

This causes the back button and the navigation bar of the device to malfunction while using the app.

Similarly, the main reason for this issue on Facebook is due to the recent update for Facebook.

Facebook Recent Updates

The developers release updates to any application to improve the functionality of the application or add certain new features.

However, in the case of Facebook, the update caused the back button to stop functioning.

In one of the forum posts, users stated that the back button was working as usual.

However, after a new update, it is not working anymore. This statement comes after the initial update from Facebook.

Furthermore, various other users are also noticing it after a few days or even a week after the update.

Moreover, there are no statements about this issue from Facebook, but there have been multiple build updates since the initial update.

However, even after all the recent updates, the issue still persists and is causing quite an inconvenience for the platform users.

back button not working on facebook
After the recent update, users can only use the Facebook back button when using the application.

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Fixes For Back Button Not Working On Facebook

Currently, there are no fixes that users can try themselves to fix the back button not working on Facebook.

The only thing that users can currently do is wait for a new build update from Facebook.

However, there are a few things that users can actively do to make sure that they get the update and the fix sooner than later.

Users must actively look into their application update settings on their phones.

manually update facebook application
Players can manually update applications rather than auto-update the applications in Android.

This is mainly because the auto-update feature of the phones will not kick in until several applications require an update.

Furthermore, if the users manually update the applications, there are chances that the users may not install certain updates.

This can significantly reduce the number of users facing not only the ongoing Facebook issues but also other future bugs.

Thus, users must actively look into their updates rather than allowing the system to auto-update them.

Additionally, some users are stating that after a few build updates, they are not facing the issue anymore.

The Bottom Line

Bugs are a part of any application that users use and developers develop.

However, the users must report the bugs, and the developers must address those bugs.

The back button not working on Facebook bug is not application breaking, but it is inconvenient for the users.

Hopefully, this article can inform you about the back button not working on the Facebook bug.

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