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Death Rattle Bug Last Epoch: Gain Enormous Health

The Death Rattle bug is a game-breaking exploit that affects the action role-playing game Last Epoch.

Generally, the bug makes the player virtually invincible, as they can heal themselves by sacrificing their minions.

However, many players have reported the bug on the game’s official forum and Reddit, but the developers have not fixed it yet.

Continue reading to explore how the bug works, why it is problematic, and what some possible alternatives to it are.

What Is The Death Rattle Bug?

The Death Rattle bug is a glitch in the game Last Epoch that allows you to gain a lot of health from your minions’ deaths.

The bug works by exploiting the effect of the Death Rattle amulet, which gives you 30 health on minion death.

You can either equip and unequip the amulet repeatedly.

Moreover, you can use the Friend of the Forest node in the Spriggan Form skill, which summons a minion when you transform.

By doing this, you can create a lot of minions and kill them instantly, gaining a vast amount of health in the process.

This bug can make you very hard to kill or even invincible in some situations.

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Why Is The Death Rattle Bug Problematic?

The Death Rattle bug is problematic in Last Epoch because it allows players to exploit a game mechanic and gain an unfair advantage.

Nevertheless, the bug involves unequipping and re-equipping the Death Rattle amulet.

As a result, it increases the health regeneration on minion death.

This can make the player virtually invincible, as they can heal themselves by sacrificing their minions. 

death rattle bug
Death Rattle bug allows players to exploit a game mechanic and gain an unfair advantage.

However, the bug works even if the player removes the Death Rattle amulet after stacking the effect.

The developers of Last Epoch are aware of this bug and have closed the topic on their forum.

They may fix it in a future patch or hotfix.

Until then, players who use this bug may be considered cheaters or hackers by other players or the game moderators.

Therefore, avoiding using this bug and playing the game as intended is advisable.

How To Fix The Death Rattle Bug?

There is no official fix for the Death Rattle bug in Last Epoch yet, but some players have suggested possible workarounds.

One of them is to avoid using the Death Rattle amulet altogether or only equip it when you need the health regeneration effect.

Another one is to return to the last zone and then come back, which may reset the bug.

A third one is to restart your game, which may also clear the bug.

However, these are not guaranteed to work and may not prevent the bug from happening again.

The best way to fix the Death Rattle bug is to wait for the developers to patch it. 

last epoch death rattle bug
Avoid using the Death Rattle amulet altogether.

They know this issue and have closed the topic on their forum.

You can also report the bug to them through their official channels, such as their website or Discord server.

This may help them to identify and resolve the bug faster. 

Alternatives To The Death Rattle Bug

The Death Rattle bug is an exploit that allows players to gain unlimited health regeneration.

Generally, they need to unequipp and re-equipp the Death Rattle amulet.

Here are some alternatives to the Death Rattle Bug in Last Epoch:

1. Use The Abomination Skill

Use the Abomination skill, which allows you to sacrifice your minions and create a powerful creature that inherits their stats and abilities.

The Abomination also benefits from the Death Rattle effect, but only when you summon it, not when you change your equipment.

This means you can still use the Death Rattle amulet, but only once per Abomination, and not to heal yourself. 

The Abomination is a strong and versatile minion that can deal massive damage and tank hits for you.

2. Use The Spriggan Form Skill

Use the Spriggan Form skill, transforming you into a nature mage that can summon plants and heal allies.

The Spriggan Form has a node called Friend of the Forest.

Moreover, this gives you a second Spriggan companion that can heal you and your minions.

The second Spriggan also has a cheat death mechanic, which means it can survive a fatal blow and heal itself and you. 

This can provide much survivability without relying on the Death Rattle bug.

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