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Last Epoch Prophecies Not Working: Possible Fixes

In February of 2024, many Last Epoch players expressed that their prophecies were not working in the game.

This issue has disabled players from completing specific quests to earn rare rewards in the Circle of Fortune.

However, players have found a new way to bypass some instances of this error through numerous experiments.

Continue reading this article to learn why prophecies are not working in Last Epoch.

Prophecies And Circle Of Fortune In Last Epoch

Last Epoch is an action RPG game that allows players to attain various loot by completing missions.

Additionally, the difficulty of the level corresponds to the reward that players get in the game.

Similarly, one such mission area is called the Circle of Fortune which provides unique missions for players.

Prophecies last epoch
An in-game display for prophecies in the Last Epoch.

The Circle of Fortune is a circular room that contains 4 different telescopes around it.

Players must interact with these telescopes to discover different prophecies that they provide.

Prophecies is a specific term in Last Epoch that translates to ‘missions‘ provided by the Circle of Fortune.

Players can complete these prophecies to grind for specific loot for a random chance.

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How To Use Prophecies In The Last Epoch?

To unlock prophecies in the Last Epoch, players must unlock the Circle of Fortune after completing some campaigns.

Specifically, players must complete Chapter 9 of the campaign to unlock this new area in the game.

After unlocking this area, players must travel to the Upper District of Maj’Elka in Chapter 9.

Then, they must interact with every telescope to display all available Prophecies for them.

Players can now choose a desired Prophecy by using Favor which is a specific currency in the Circle of Fortune.

Circle of fortunes last epoch
Circle of Fortunes in The Last Epoch features Prophecies.

Players are guaranteed to get some rewards upon completing a prophecy; however, their drop is randomly selected.

Also, as players rank up in the Circle of Fortune, they unlock new items called craftable lenses.

These lenses further influence the types of rewards offered by Prophecies like increased drop rates.

Why Is Prophecies Not Working In Last Epoch?

While Prophecies provides lucrative rewards for players, it is facing an active bug during the game.

Normally, the game displays prophecies automatically when players interact with the telescopes.

However, this is not the case as players are facing a blank screen whenever they interact with them.

Additionally, the progress bar for some prophecies is not working, rendering players unqualified for rewards.

For example, for the prophecy with the event “5 Deaths of Siege Golem”, the deaths of Golems do not register.

As a result, players are unable to unlock new prophecies as they are permanently stuck on the previous one.

How To Fix Prophecies Not Working Issue?

Given the seriousness of the issue, players raised questions about it in community forums for a possible solution.

As a result, the community provided a temporary solution that fixes the problem to some extent.

If the prophecy is not displayed for players, they can restart the game to solve this issue.

prophecies not working problems fixed
Prophecies “Not Working” issue solution in a community forum.

However, in the cases where the progress bar does not register, there are no temporary solutions.

But players can rest easy as the game has already noticed it as an active bug.

Therefore, players must wait patiently until the developers fix this issue in the upcoming updates.

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