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Artems Offer Bugged In Last Epoch: Possible Fixes

In the list of many things that is currently bugged in Last Epoch, Artems Offer quest is one of them.

Although Last Epoch featured this quest during the first version, it is only facing this issue after version 1.0.

Because of this bug, players cannot claim the Amulet even after returning Erza’s Ledger to either Erza or Artem.

Continue reading this article to learn about how the Artems Offer quest is bugged in Last Epoch.

Artems Offer In Last Epoch

Last Epoch is an action RPG game that features various characters and worlds alongside their story.

To connect all of these worlds, the game introduces various questlines according to their categories.

Main questlines are missions that players cannot skip as they are essential to the core story.

On the other hand, side quests are optional missions that players can either complete or abandon.

Artems offer last epoch
The in-game display of Artems Offer quest in Last Epoch.

Similarly, one such side quest is called Artems Offer is handed by Artem the Gambler.

In this quest, players must retrieve Erzas Ledger from Erzas Study and hand it to Artem.

However, players have an option to return it to Erza for an alternate outcome.

As a reward, players receive a  unique Ruby Amulet that provides temporary buffs.

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Is Artems Offer Bugged In The Game?

Yes, the Last Epoch community is actively complaining about a bug in the Artems Offer quest.

According to bug reports, players cannot complete this quest as the pointer on the map does not disappear.

However, the quest must display a ‘completed’ status once players handed the Ledger after reaching The Council Chambers.

This quest was working just fine before the version 1.0 update, hinting at a possible backend error.

Artems offer bugged
The Artem’s Offer quest is experiencing a bug, causing players to become stuck on the Erza’s Ledger part, which does not disappear.

Additionally, players are also unable to receive the Amulet which is another glitch in itself.

According to the developers, they removed the reward from this quest due to an active duplication glitch.

Therefore, removing this reward has affected the other stages of this quest, deeming it unplayable.

Hence, players must become active in the Last Epoch community to uncover the latest news about it.

How To Fix The Bugged Artemis Offer Quest?

Many players have tried troubleshooting the issues but none of the solutions seems to work.

However, players must rest easy as developers are aware of this bug because they removed the end rewards.

reason for Artems offer bugged issue
Players discussing a developer’s response to why Artem’s Offer is bugged.

Since there is no plausible fix, the best option for players is to abandon the quest for now.

Alternatively, players can farm for the same reward amulet from Soulfire Bastion which saves a lot of time.

But players invested in the lore must wait until the devs release the next patch.

Finally, players can join active discussion forums regarding this issue to uncover a future solution.

Will Abandoning Artems Offer Set You Back?

No, abandoning Artems Offer quest does not hinder story progression as it is only a side quest.

Moreover, the final Amulet handed by this mission exists in another region of the map.

Therefore, players can just focus on the core story until the developers fix this bug.

However, the mission not being marked as ‘completed’ will affect the game completion percentage.

Nevertheless, this only acts as a visual issue as it does not affect other elements of the game.

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