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Learn To Defeat 100 Enemies With Evolved Venom Abilities

Venom Abilities are special powers the Venom symbiote grants to its host in Spider-Man 2.

When used, these abilities create a Venom Cloud that can restore some health and reduce the cooldown of other Venom Abilities.

To unlock Evolved Venom Abilities in Spider-Man 2, you must do the Not On My Watch mission. Further, use your abilities effectively and strategically to defeat 100 enemies with Evolved Venom Abilities.

Continue reading more to learn to defeat 100 enemies with evolved venom abilities.

Unlock Venom Abilities In Spider-Man 2

The Venom abilities are a new feature in Spider-Man 2 that lets you use bio-electrical attacks to stun and damage enemies.

They are based on the powers of Miles Morales, a playable character in the game.

To unlock Evolved Venom Abilities, complete the primary story mission, Not On My Watch.

You need to reach level 16 as Miles Morales to trigger this mission.

not on my watch
Complete the mission, Not On My Watch.

Miles will acquire a new ability during this mission that changes his electricity from yellow to blue.

This formally evolves his powers from Venom abilities into Evolved Venom abilities, called Reverse Flux.

It allows Miles to target an enemy with a bolt of lightning that chains to two more enemies.

Once you have unlocked Evolved Venom Abilities, unlock new ones by progressing through the main story and completing side missions.

Each new Evolved Venom Ability will be unlocked at a specific level.

At the same time, some of them require completing specific side missions or challenges.

Use Venom Abilities To Defeat 100 Enemies

You must use your abilities effectively and strategically to defeat 100 enemies with Evolved Venom Abilities in Spider-Man 2.

Follow the guidance below for the further process:

1. Use The Right Ability

Each Evolved Venom Ability has its strengths and weaknesses.

For example, Chain Lightning is great for taking out multiple enemies simultaneously.

While Thunder Burst is excellent for teleporting to distant enemies and dealing massive damage.

2. Combine Abilities To Create Powerful Combos

Combining abilities is a great way to create powerful combos in Spider-Man 2.

You can use different Evolved Venom Abilities to stun, damage, and launch enemies in various ways. 

For example, you can use Reverse Flux to pull an enemy towards you and then use Galvanize to launch them into the air.

Once they are in the air, you can follow up with a Mega Venom Blast to finish them.

Further, you can use Venom Dash, Venom Punch and Venom Jump.

This combo is good for closing the gap and stunning a single enemy.

defeat 100 enemies with evolved venom abilities
Use the right ability

3. Upgrade Your Venom Abilities

Upgrading your Venom Abilities will increase their damage and range. This will make them more effective against enemies.

To upgrade your Venom Abilities in Spider-Man 2, you need to collect Venom Tokens.

You can earn Venom Tokens by completing Venom Challenges; find Venom Challenges on the map by looking for the yellow icons.

Venom Tokens can unlock and upgrade Evolved Venom Abilities in the Abilities menu.

You can equip up to four Evolved Venom Abilities at a time by pressing the touchpad on your controller and selecting the Abilities tab.

Further, one can switch between different Evolved Venom Abilities by holding down L1 and pressing X, O, Triangle, or Square.

Each Evolved Venom Ability has a cooldown time, so you must use them strategically.

4. Use Your Environment To Your Advantage

Using your environment to your advantage is a smart way to fight enemies and complete missions.

It can help you defeat enemies faster, avoid damage, and earn more rewards. 

For example, you can use web shooters to pull a car door and throw it at an enemy.

Alternatively, use your web swing to kick a pole and make it fall on a group of enemies.

To use your environment to your advantage in Spider-Man 2, you need to scan the environment first.

You can scan the environment by pressing R3 on your controller.

Then, you can use your web shooters or other abilities to interact with them.

You can also use the touchpad on your controller to access the gadgets menu and select different gadgets.

Use your web swing

The Bottom Line

With the last enemy falling to your venom strike, you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

You have unlocked the full potential of your venom abilities, which you inherited from your spider bite.

Further, you can now manipulate your venom energy in various forms, such as venom webs, punches, or jumps.

Contrarily, you have become a formidable fighter and a guardian of justice.

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