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Phin Trophy In Spider Man 2: Unlock The Achievement

Spider-Man 2 has a lot of secrets and references to the previous games in the series.

Among these secrets and references, the science fair trophy is also one: the Phin Trophy.

Phin Trophy is a hidden trophy related to the science fair award that Miles Morales and Phin Mason won. You can unlock it by visiting the Trinity Church and climbing the Spire.

Continue reading to learn how to find the Phin Trophy in Spider-Man 2.

Background To The Phin Trophy In Spider-Man 2

The Phin Trophy memorializes Phin Mason, Miles Morales’ childhood friend.

She died while trying to stop the Roxxon Corporation from using a dangerous energy source called Nuform.

Miles and Phin were science enthusiasts, and they won a science fair together when they were young.

However, the trophy they received was a model of a hydrogen atom with their names engraved on it.

Miles left the trophy on the Trinity Church spire to honor Phin’s memory and let go of his guilt.

The Phin trophy is not visible from the ground, so you must climb up the Spire.

Contrarily, it is a hidden trophy you can unlock by visiting this particular location in Spider-Man 2.

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How To Get The Phin Trophy?

The Phin Trophy is a hidden achievement related to the science fair award that Miles Morales and Phin Mason won.

Thus, to get the Phin Trophy, you need to find the science fair trophy that Miles left at Trinity Church as a tribute to Phin.

Find The Science Fair Trophy 

To find the science fair trophy, go to the Financial District and look for Trinity Church.

Follow the steps below for your guidance:

1. Financial District

The Financial District is a neighborhood in the south of Manhattan.

There you’ll see many skyscrapers and landmarks.

Further, you can use your map to locate it and set a waypoint there.

2. Go To The Trinity Church

Trinity Church is one of the oldest churches in New York City.

Further, it has a distinctive spire that rises above the surrounding buildings.

You can recognize it by its red brick facade and white cross on top.

Additionally, you can use your spider-sense to highlight it nearby.

the church
Go to the Trinity Church

3. Get To The Church

To get to the church, you can use your web-shooters to swing from building to building.

Alternatively, use your venom powers to glide through the air.

Further, you can fast-travel there using the subway stations marked on your map.

4. Climb Up The Spire

Once you reach the church, you need to climb up to the top of the Spire, the highest point of the church.

However, you can use your wall-crawling ability to stick to the surface and move upwards.

Alternatively, use your web-shooters to pull yourself up.

spire up
Climb up to the top of the Spire

5. Jump Onto Platform

Near the top of the Spire, you will see a small platform with a railing around it.

Thus, you must jump onto it and look for a small cube on a pedestal.

Contrarily, this is the science fair trophy that Miles and Phin won for their project on bioelectricity.

spider man 2 phin trophy
Jump inside the railing.

6. Interact With The Trophy

To interact with the trophy, you need to press the button on your screen.

However, it will trigger a cutscene where Miles reminisces about his friendship with Phin and honors her memory.

Contrarily, you will unlock the Phin Trophy achievement and get some bonus XP.

The Bottom Line

In Spider-Man 2, you can pay your respects to Phin by finding the science fair trophy they shared in happier times.

This is the Phin Trophy, one of the hidden achievements in the game. 

Further, the trophy is a tribute to Phin, who died in the final battle of the spin-off game. 

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