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Miles Evolved Suit: Blue Sparks Of Power

Miles Morales has 39 suits, including pre-order content and the Digital Deluxe Edition.

This includes a design called Evolved Suit that Insomniac Games designed.

It is a versatile suit that gives him access to new abilities and allows him to protect the people of NYC.

Miles’ Evolved Suit is his second suit in Spider-Man 2, unlocked in the game’s final stretch during the Finally Free mission.

Continue reading to learn about Miles’ Evolved Suit and how to get it in Spider-Man 2.

What Is Miles Evolved Suit?

Miles Morales’ Evolved Suit is a special outfit in Spider-Man 2.

It is designed to use his unique superpowers better, so it is different from his regular costume.

The suit changes from his usual black and red to a blue and red color scheme.

Moreover, it is more technically advanced than his previous suit.

It has a sleek, streamlined design and features a hoodie and sneakers.

His suit also includes design elements inspired by Miles’ African-American and Puerto Rican heritage.

Remember that unlocking the Evolved Suit depends upon the progression of the story.

Features Of The Suit

The suit has several technological features, such as;

  1. The built-in computer gives Miles access to maps, enemy data, and his vital signs.
  2. A new type of webbing that is stronger and more durable than the previous suit.
  3. Improves camouflage system allows Miles to blend in with the surroundings more easily.
  4. Moreover, the suit’s blue accents represent Miles’ bio-electric powers.
  5. The suit also gives access to a new type of web bomb and a new Venom Strike ability.

Therefore, it is a part of his character development that helps him become a more powerful superhero.

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How To Get Miles Evolved Suit?

The main objective is to complete the Finally Free mission so that you can obtain the suit.

The mission starts with Miles and Peter discussing the next steps in their fight against Venom on a water tower.

After a brief cutscene, a wave of Venom will attack you, so you need to use your Spider-Man skills.

Be careful not to get too close to them as they can explode, damaging you when defeating the Venom Symbiotes.

Guidance To Complete The Finally Free Mission

To complete the Finally Free mission, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Plant the Sonic Bursts on the water tower after defeating all of the Symbiotes. It creates a sonic field and prevents Venom from getting close.
  2. When you plant the Sonic Bursts, stay close to them until they fully activate.
  3. If you leave them unguarded, Venom can destroy them before they can activate.
  4. Once you plant the Sonic Bursts, prepare yourself to defend them from a second wave of Venom Symbiotes.
fighting the venom symbiotes
Fighting the Venom Symbiotes using Sonic Burst Integrity.
  1. The mission will fail if the Venom Symbiotes destroy the Sonic Bursts.
  2. So, focus on the enemies that are attacking the Sonic Bursts first.
  3. Venom himself will appear after defeating all of the Venom Symbiotes.
  4. When fighting Venom, try to stay on the move and dodge his attacks.
  5. Moreover, he can create Venom Blasts, damaging you if you are too close.
  6. After you defeat the final boss called Venom, there will be a cutscene in which Miles gets the Evolved Suit.
miles gets the evolved suit
The cutscene in which Miles gets the Evolved Suit.

It is essential to watch the short cutscene to unlock the suit.

Once you have watched the cutscene, you can go to the suit menu and equip the Evolved Suit.

Hence, press the left button on the D-pad to access the suit menu.

The Bottom Line

Miles Evolved Suit represents how he is growing and adapting to his roles as Spider-Man.

Whether you like the suit or not depends upon personal preferences.

But, it is a significant part of Miles’ journey as Spider-Man, giving him access to new abilities.

Moreover, you can unlock the Finally Free mission after you complete all of the other main story missions in the game.

Although the mission is relatively short and straightforward, it requires you to defeat several enemies.

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