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Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost 2024: Vote For Wizard Sets

Players are excited for the upcoming Festival of the Lost 2024 event in the recent update of Destiny 2.

Furthermore, the update also brings a glimmer capacity increase, character customization, a new prime gaming drop, exotic missions, etc.

Destiny 2 introduces two types of armor set designs for the players to vote for the upcoming Festival of the Lost 2024 event. Furthermore, the designs are based on good wizards and evil wizards so you must vote for one of these armor sets so that it can feature during the event.

Continue reading to learn more about the festival of the lost 2024 in Destiny 2.

Festival Of The Lost 2024 Event In Destiny 2

Players are excited for a thrilling experience in Destiny 2 as Bungie shares exciting details in this week’s Destiny update.

Furthermore, players can now prepare for the upcoming Festival of the Lost 2024 that they were eagerly waiting for in Destiny 2.

This special event happens yearly and brings spooky fun with many things to accomplish and perform.

Hence, Festival of the Lost has various activities, customization options, and valuable rewards for players.

What Is the Festival Of The Lost 2024 Event?

The Festival of the Lost 2024 in Destiny 2 is a special Halloween-themed event that brings a spooky and festive atmosphere to the game.

During this event, players can participate in various activities, vote for their favorite armor sets, and enjoy the Halloween celebrations.

Good wizards Festival of the lost destiny 2
You can vote for Good Wizard armor set in the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2024.

The most exciting part about the Festival of the Lost 2024 is the sneak peek of how its armor sets will look.

Hence, as a Guardian, you will get to vote on what particular armor sets you want.

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Good Wizards VS Evil Wizards Theme

The theme for 2024 is good wizards vs. evil wizards and it’s up to the Guardians to choose their favorites.

Hence, Guardians can choose their favorite designs, and the winning sets will be featured during the Festival.

Evil wizards Festival of the lost destiny 2
If you want to feature evil wizards set in Festival of the Lost, vote for it.

Furthermore, Destiny 2 will present you with two armor sets where you must select one based on your liking.

Hence, you must vote for two types of armor that the game features in the sneak peek of Festival of the Lost 2024.

Vote For Armour Sets

The two armor sets are Good wizards and evil wizards which look somewhat similar with few differences.

The good wizard has a blue and gold theme whereas the evil wizard has a dark pink and dark brown theme.

Destiny 2 will email its players to collect the votes for the armor sets.

Otherwise, Guardians can also participate in the survey form available on to vote for their favorite wizard armor.

Thus, the armor set design that gets the highest vote will feature in the Festival of the Lost event.

However, there may be some changes in the overall look of the wizards after they feature in the event.

Season Of The Wish Continues In Destiny 2

With the recent Destiny update about the Festival of the Lost, Bungie clarifies the continuation of Season of the Wish.

Hence, you can expect more adventures coming in the Season of the Wish.

Furthermore, Bungie is giving Guardians a sneak peek at new weekly missions starting January 30th.

These missions involve fulfilling Riven’s wishes and allowing you to win cool prizes.

The most exciting part is winning prizes from a big pool every week for six straight weeks.

Moments of Triumph 2023 is also returning with 30 new challenges in Destiny 2.

Moreover, both in-game and real-world rewards celebrate players’ achievements from the previous year.

The Bottom Line

Festival of the Lost is an upcoming event where players can vote for the armor design to feature it.

If the design you vote for gets the highest vote, then you can play with that armor set in the Festival of the Lost.

However, remember that the designs you see are just early ideas, and there may be a few changes.

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