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Finding The Gardens Of Esila Starcat: Destiny 2

Starcats in Destiny 2 are cats made of stars which can be found in different locations.

One of the locations where Starcat can be found is The Garden of Esila.

Within the Garden Of Esila location, this starcat hides near the water’s edge and to find it, fly down to the Dreaming City and drive to The Strand.

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What Is The Gardens Of Esila Starcat In Destiny 2?

The Gardens Of Esila Starcat is a cat made of stars found in a location named The Gardens of Esila.

This location lies in the 12th position of the Starcat location with a Week 6 quest of finding it.

The Gardens of Esila Starcat
This is the Starcat that is found in the Gardens of Esila.

In the map, the location is represented by a lotus symbol representing a blooming environment with the river.

Therefore, the start in this location lies in the riverside to the southernmost area of the map.

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Where Are The Gardens Of Esila Starcat In Destiny 2?

The Gardens of Esila lies in the eastern part of The Strand along with the flyover from Dreaming City.

Follow these steps to reach the Gardens Of Esila:

  1. As soon as you reach the area of Strand, head towards the southernmost area to find the Gardens of Esila.
  2. After you reach the location, there will be an indication on the map displaying a little flower.
Map of Gardens of Esila
This is the map for the area of The Gardens of Esila.
  1. Continue along the garden paths until you go over a small bridge that runs over some water. 
  2. Jump off of the bridge and look underneath it. You’ll find a Starcat sitting there, giving itself a bat.

Ways To Find The Gardens Of Esila Starcat

Finding the Gardens of Esila Starcat requires an exploration of the Gardens of Esila location and hunting the Starcat.

You need to ensure the location of the start and make sure to find it in the area mentioned above.

Likewise, you can follow these steps to find the Gardens of Esila Starcat here.

1. Fly Down To Dreaming City

Firstly you need to reach the dream city to start your journey to find the starcat of Gardens of Esila.

It is easier to navigate the location from the Dreaming City.

2. Drive To strand

After you reach the Dreaming City, go along the path to find the strand location.

So, you can distinguish the location by looking at your map as it indicates your exact location.

3. Head East As Soon As You Reach The Area

As soon as you reach Strand, start heading towards the east until you reach the southernmost area of the map.

The Gardens of Esila lie in the southernmost area of the map and until you reach there move along the path.

4. Reach The Gardens Of Esila

Following the southernmost path, you will notice a small indication with a little flower in the map.

Hence, this flower indicates the Gardens Of Esila location and its area.

5. Find A Small Bridge

As you go on the parts of the garden, you will find a small bridge with a river beneath it.

Beneath the bridge along the river, the Starcat conceals itself, waiting to be discovered.

Therefore, jump off the bridge, and you will find the star cat along the river’s edge.

The Bottom Line

As you quest to discover the Gardens of Esila Starcat, keep in mind that the journey actively unfolds as an adventure brimming with cosmic wonders.

Stay curious, connect with your fellow space explorers, and let the mysteries of the universe unfold before you.

Therefore, follow the mentioned path and guide to achieve the Starcat of The Gardens Of Esila.

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