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Destiny 2 Guardian Games Class Item 2024

In Destiny 2, the Guardian Games event is an annual competition where players engage in challenges with a Class Item.

Furthermore, it is a unique piece of gear that plays a vital role in earning rewards and boosting class scores.

Moreover, players can also get exclusive rewards such as weapons, cosmetics, and a Skimmer.

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What Is Guardian Games Class Item In Destiny 2?

The Guardian Games class item in Destiny 2 is a special piece of gear that represents your chosen class – Titan, Hunter, or Warlock.

Furthermore, it is a unique cosmetic item that allows you to show your allegiance to your class during the Guardian Games event.

The class item can be equipped in your character’s inventory screen, and it will be visible on your character in-game.

Moreover, equipping the class item is essential for completing quests and earning Medallions, the currency of the event.

Guardian Games Class Item
Guardian Games Class Item in Destiny 2.
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How To Get Guardian Games Class Item In Destiny 2?

Obtaining the Guardian Games Class Item is a straightforward process, but it requires active participation in the event.

To acquire your Guardian Games Class Item, follow these steps:

1. Event Participation

To earn the Guardian Games class item, you need to actively participate in the Guardian Games event.

Furthermore, begin your Guardian Games journey by visiting Eva Levante at the Tower.

Eva Levante
Go to Eva Levante at the Tower and begin the Guardian Games event.

Likewise, she will provide you with the class item specific to your Guardian class.

Engage in class-based activities, complete challenges, and contribute to your class’s success to earn the class item as a reward.

2. Medallions And Contender Cards

You can earn Medallions by completing Contender Cards, which can be purchased from Eva Levante in the Tower using Glimmer.

These Medallions can be deposited at the Tower Podium to earn event rewards, including the Guardian Games class item.

3. Guardian Games Event Card

Complete the Guardian Games Event Card challenges to earn event-specific rewards, including the class item.

The Event Card provides a structured way to progress through the event and unlock various rewards, including the coveted class item.

4. Guardian Games Bounties

Eva Levante offers three types of Guardian Games Bounties – Weekly, Daily, and Repeatable.

By completing these bounties, you can earn XP, Bright Dust, Glimmer, and other rewards, including the Guardian Games class item.

Guardian Games Event Rewards

Participating in the Guardian Games event and earning the class item comes with its set of rewards.

Here are the key rewards associated with the Guardian Games event:

1. Laurel Crown Glow

Upon reaching a specific score in the Guardian Games activities, players will be rewarded with a special glow while at the Tower.

Moreover, the player with the highest weekly score at the Tower will receive a unique glow, showcasing their achievement.

2. Tower Podium Ranking

By depositing Medallions at the Tower Podium, players can earn event rewards and help determine their class’s position in the competition.

Likewise, keep an eye on the Tower Podium, Class Flags, and the Guardian Games calendar to stay updated on the rankings.

Tower Podium
Deposit Medallions at the Tower Podium and earn event rewards.

3. Weekly Ceremony Rewards

At the weekly ceremony event in the Tower, players from the winning class will receive rewards and a Laurel Crown glow.

Additionally, player’s class items will change colors to reflect their standing which are gold, silver, or bronze.

The Guardian Games class item in Destiny 2 is a symbol of your allegiance to your chosen class during the competitive event.

By actively participating in the event, and completing challenges, you can earn the class item and other exciting rewards.

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