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How To Get Final Wish Keeper Catalyst In Destiny 2?

Most players have an eye on the newly introduced crowd control-oriented weapon the “Wish Keeper”. 

To make a Wish Keeper strong, you need to search for the final catalyst in Destiny 2.

To get the final wish keeper catalyst in Destiny 2, players should do the Star Cross mission on Legend difficulty. Finishing this mission is important for players who want to make their Wish-Keeper weapon as strong as possible in the game.

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What Is Wish Keeper In Destiny 2? 

The Wish-Keeper is a special type of powerful bow used in combat.

It was added to the game during the Season of the Wish’s Starcrossed mission, which takes place in the Black Garden.

Final Wish Keeper Catalyst In Destiny 2
Wish-Keeper is a combat weapon in Destiny 2.

You can get it by finishing the Starcrossed mission for the first time, and you’ll receive something called Deepsight Resonance.

Additionally, this special feature allows players to craft this unique and exotic weapon.

Starcrossed Mission Requirements:

  • Complete the quest “Wishing All the Best” up to step 29.
  • Finish the weekly story mission.
  • Visit Crow in his alcove in H.E.L.M.
  • Crow will guide you in finding Riven’s eggs, which you must track.

To use this weapon, go to the beam and press a button to show stars in the sky. 

Use the Wish-Keeper to shoot the stars until the Tower constellation appears.

Secure the inscription, conquer the final boss, and unlock the catalysts, similar to the Verglas Curve in the Season of Defiance.

Since the current season lasts for seven months, players have plenty of time to finish all seasonal activities.

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How To Get Final Wish Keeper Catalyst In Destiny 2?

Wish Keeper has four catalysts: Enduring Snare Refit, Multi-Threaded Snare Refit, Vorpal Weapon, and Hatchling Refit.

Quest to find Final Wish Keeper Catalyst In Destiny 2
Wish keeper catalyst quest in Destiny 2.

1. Enduring Snare Refit Catalyst In Wish Keeper

Upgrading Snareweaver traps with this catalyst increases their durability, making them endure for a more extended period.

This enhancement makes it more challenging for enemies to escape, giving you greater strategic control over the battlefield.

2. Multi-Threaded Snare Refit In Wish Keeper

Enhance your Snareweaver traps with this modification to capture a larger number of enemies simultaneously.

Further, this improvement lets you handle crowds more effectively and control multiple foes.

3. Vorpal Weapon In Wish Keeper

Integrating this Weapon enhances your area to boost damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians in their Super.

This upgrade ensures your attacks are more potent in challenging situations, ultimately turning the tide in your favor.

4. Hatchling Refit In Wish Keeper

If you make precise shots or quickly defeat enemies with a non-precision weapon, a Threadling appears where the target’s location is.

The weekly Constellation quest from Mara Sov helps you unlock these four unique Catalysts for the Wish-Keeper Exotic bow.

To begin with, go to the Gardens of Ailla or Asyo in the Dreaming City.

Then, follow the path on the screen to a small cliff’s back corner where you’ll find a message.

Further, shoot all the lights to reveal an image of the Wish-Keeper bow.

Once revealed, finish the Star Cross mission on Legend difficulty to get the bow’s final catalyst.

After unlocking them, you can choose one to use at the Enclave on Mars whenever you want.

However, you have to get several hundred kills to upgrade it, and the best spot to farm them is at Shuro Chi in the Last Wish raid.

Can Catalyst Optimize Wish Keeper’s Performance?

To unlock the Wish-Keeper’s full potential, players should try using it in both PvE and PvP.

It is important to find the final wish-keeper catalyst in Destiny 2 to make the weapon stronger.

Further, regularly revisiting the Starcrossed mission allows players to experiment with different activities.

This helps them discover the Wish-Keeper’s versatility, making it a valuable addition to their Destiny 2 collection.

Engaging in Starcrossed missions allows players to explore the Wish-Keeper’s versatility and improve their understanding of the weapon.

Moreover, this hands-on experience helps them develop unique strategies for diverse gameplay scenarios.

The Bottom Line

To get stronger in Destiny 2, players need to unlock the final Wish-Keeper catalyst.

The Wish-Keeper stands out among the game’s exotic bows due to its unique abilities and catalyst enhancements.

Additionally, it is different from other exotic bows in the game because it has outstanding features.

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