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Destiny 2 Halloween Event: Festival Of The Lost

Destiny 2 represents a special event called the Festival of the Lost every October during Halloween.

Halloween event is a seasonal activity that players can participate in.

In Destiny 2, the Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, happens every Halloween where you can earn exclusive rewards, like masks, shaders, and weapons.

Continue reading to learn more about the Halloween Event, how to complete it, and the rewards in Destiny 2.

What Is The Halloween Event In Destiny 2?

The Halloween event is called the Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 which runs for three weeks in October.

The Haunted Lost Sector is one of the main activities of the Festival of the Lost.

It is a special type of Lost Sector that is overrun by enemies and decorated for Halloween.

Moreover, players can complete Haunted Lost Sectors to earn spectral pages that can be used to unlock new lore and rewards.

The Candy Exchange is another popular activity during the Festival of the Lost.

Players can collect candy from activities and turn it into Eva Levante for rewards, such as masks, shaders, and weapons.

the halloween event is a great time to dress
The Halloween Event is a great time to dress up your Guardian in Halloween-themed costumes.
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How To Complete The Halloween Event In Destiny 2?

By following these steps, you’ll be able to participate in and complete the Festival of the Lost fully:

1. Visit Eva Levante

Start at the Tower and find Eva Levante, the event NPC.

She will give you a Halloween mask and a quest to begin your Festival of the Lost journey.

2. Complete Haunted Lost Sectors

These are special Lost Sectors that are overrun with enemies and decorated for Halloween which can be found on the Director map.

Eva will provide you with a quest to kick things off so follow the quest steps to complete various activities and objectives.

However, this could include tasks like wearing masks, defeating certain enemies, or participating in special events,

3. Spectral Pages

Therefore, you can also earn spectral pages while wearing the Halloween mask.

You can transform spectral pages into manifested pages by completing Haunted Lost Sectors and defeating Headless Ones.

Turn in manifested pages to the Book of the Forgotten which can be found in the Tower next to Eva Levante.

Additionally, this will earn you rewards for turning in manifested pages, including a new sniper rifle called Mechabre.

4. Participate In Haunted Forest

The Haunted Forest is a special activity during the Festival of the Lost which is a bit spooky and lots of fun.

You can defeat monsters and bosses which racing against the clock.

Some additional tips for completing the event are:

  • Purchase a special Event Card from Eva Levante for Bright Dust as it gives you access to bonus challenges and rewards.
  • You can use the candies you earn to purchase masks, shaders, and other cosmetic items.
  • However, you can also use the candy to purchase mystery grab bags which contain a random assortment of rewards.

What Are The Halloween Event Rewards In Destiny 2?

Here are the rewards you will earn from the Halloween event in Destiny 2:

  • Mechabre Arc is a new sniper rifle that grants faster aim down sights speed and movement speed while aiming down sights when no allies are near.
  • The Jurassic Green pulse rifle is a returning reward from a previous Halloween event that grants increased stability and range.
  • Braytech Werewolf is another returning reward that grants increased reload speed and damage after a kill.
  • Horror Story Auto Rifle is also a returning reward from the previous event that grants increased range and accuracy.
  • You can also earn and collect various masks that can be equipped on your character, each with unique abilities.
  • Moreover, you can also earn exclusive rewards by completing Event Challenges, such as Exotic ship, shader, and emblem.
  • Participating in the event allows you to earn special emotes and shaders, giving your gear a Halloween-themed look.
  • Ghost shells with special perks and events and Sparrows used for quick and stylish transportation are also available.
  • Therefore, completing specific Festival of the Lost can earn you titles and in-game achievements.
mechabre arc is a new sniper rifle
Mechabre Arc is a new sniper rifle that grants faster aim down sights speed.

The Bottom Line

The Halloween Event is a great time to dress up your Guardian in Halloween-themed costumes.

Players can participate in special activities during the event, earn exclusive rewards, and go on spooky adventures.

Have a Spooktacular time!

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