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When Is The Next Helltide In Diablo 4?

Helltide is a unique event in Diablo 4 that allows players to obtain great loot while tackling some of the strongest monsters in the game.

Once you reach World Tier 3 difficulty, you can participate in this region-wide event that transforms the region drastically.

Helltides occur once every two hours and fifteen minutes after the previous Helltide. However, players must use third-party websites to track when and where it occurs. 

In this article, we will discuss what Helltides are and when the next Helltide will occur in Diablo 4.

What Is Helltide In Diablo 4? 

Helltide is a unique event in Diablo 4 that lasts one hour.

Furthermore, when a Helltide is in process, it transforms an area of sanctuary into a hellish landscape. 

Additionally, the Helltide area spawns Demonic enemies, have meteors fall from the sky as an environmental hazard. 

It increases the monster level by two levels above your current level. 

Map information on Helltide
You can find the information on Helltide in the game map.

After defeating monsters within the Helltide, they will obtain Aberrant Cinders.

This is a unique currency obtainable and usable within the Helltide. 

Players can use Aberrant Cinders to open chests that guarantee their corresponding item.

For example, if the player opens a Tortured Weapons chest, they will obtain a weapon.

Here is the list of chests and their costs.

Chest TypeCinder Cost
Protection (Armor Pieces)75
Jewelry (Rings)75
Jewelry (Amulets)125
Weapons (1-handed)125
Weapons (2-handed)150
Mystery Chests175

Among these chests, players claim that the Mystery Chest is the best chest to choose among all the chests available in Helltide.

In addition to the chests, the monsters can drop various items themselves.

Tortured gift of mysteries
Player interaction with the tortured gift of mysteries

When Is The Next Helltide In Diablo 4? 

Helltide starts every two hours and fifteen minutes and lasts for an hour.

If we subtract the one hour when the Helltide is in process, the downtime between each Helltide is around one hour and fifteen minutes. 

Furthermore, players can check the map to see if a Helltide is in process since it shows a sword icon above the area it is occurring at.

But, it is better to use a timer to keep the Helltide in check rather than constantly looking at the map. 

Helltide in dry steppes
Helltide occurring in Dry Steppes

As of writing this article, a Helltide is in process at Dry Steppes

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Timer For Helltide In Diablo 4

Players can use Helltide timers to know when a Helltide is about to occur.

One of the best timers to keep track of Helltides is

Furthermore, give information on the occurrence of the next world boss and next legion.

Accordingly, it shows the map where the Helltide is currently in process. 

Thus, a great Helltide timer can further enhance your gaming experience.

However, players have also put up various requests for inbuilt Helltide timers in the game. 

Note: Besides being a great source of loot, Helltides require using external websites to get information, which is not very convenient for many players.

The Bottom Line

Helltide is a great event for players to obtain various great loot. However, the event does pose a level of danger.

But, like all other ARPGs, players of Diablo 4 can simply power through the event with their builds. 

Hopefully, this article can give you some key pointers on what Helltides are and what timers you can use for Helltides. 

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