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Abdirak: Should You Face The Wall In BG3?

Abdirak is a tiefling cleric who is a devoted follower of Loviatar, the goddess of pain, suffering, and endurance.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, players will face a choice provided by Abdirak.

Once you address Abdirak, he will rise from prayer at the chance to spread Loviatar’s word and give you an offer. After you accept it and face the wall, Abdirak starts hitting you.

In this article, we will learn about Abdirak and his offer to the players to face the wall.

Who Is Abdirak In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Abdirak is a tiefling cleric who is a devoted follower of Loviatar, the goddess of pain, suffering, and endurance.

As her high priest, Abdirak finds spiritual fulfillment in both experiencing and inflicting pain according to Loviatar’s teachings.

He believes pain has a purpose when used to strengthen one’s devotion and understanding of the goddess.

Abdirak has served Loviatar for over three decades, rising through her clergy’s ranks to become one of her most trusted servants.

abdirak bg3
Abdirak has served Loviatar for over three decades, rising through her clergy’s ranks to become one of her most trusted servants.

Scars cover Abdirak’s muscular body, remnants of rituals undergone to know Loviatar’s domain better.

While most see Abdirak as cruel or sadistic, he views the pain he causes and endures as a sacred act bringing him closer to his goddess.

He has established the Shattered Sanctum as a place for Loviatar’s worshippers to further their devotion through structured acts of suffering and endurance.

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Where Can You Find Abdirak?

To meet Abdirak, players must travel to the Shattered Sanctum, an underground complex located west of the Druid Grove in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Act 1.

The entrance lies hidden behind some bushes and trees. The complex opens into a large central chamber by descending a steep staircase carved into rock.

Goblins have taken over the abandoned shrine and established their lair here.

Abdirak can typically be found in a side room off the main chamber.

To access it, players must sneak or fight past the Goblins in the area.

The room contains simple furnishings like an altar and benches.

Abdirak will kneel in prayer before a statue of Loviatar when first encountered.

He remains deeply devoted even amid the goblins’ profane activities, finding solace and guidance in his goddess.

Players should carefully explore dialogue options with Abdirak, as he may take offense if his faith or rituals are disrespected.

Violence against Abdirak is also ill-advised, as he is a powerful cleric not to be trifled with.

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Why Does Abdirak Ask You To Face The Wall?

Upon being addressed, Abdirak will rise from prayer, surprised by the intrusion yet pleased at the chance to spread Loviatar’s word.

He will inquire if the player has come to aid with the prisoner undergoing torture in the next room.

If questioned about the torture, Abdirak believes the goblins’ crude methods lack the structure and deeper understanding of Loviatar’s teachings.

Abdirak offers to demonstrate a true ritual of the goddess by striking the player himself with his steel mace.

He promises this will bring the gift of “Loviatar’s Love,” a permanent buff granting increased strength and resilience when low on health.

Refusing may anger the devout cleric, so players must choose their response carefully.

face the wall
Abdirak offers you to face the wall.

Agreeing to face Abdirak’s mace earns his respect, but refusal will be seen as denying Loviatar.

Players with good alignments may find the request disturbing, as Abdirak seems to enjoy the act genuinely.

However, declining risks provoking the dangerous priest.

It is best to remain polite and express interest in Loviatar while avoiding direct participation or making Constitution checks to endure the beating if agreed.

Violence should always be an absolute last resort against Abdirak.

Should You Face The Wall On Abdirak’s Offer?

If the player accepts Abdirak’s offer, he will instruct them to kneel and face the stone wall of the shrine room.

Abdirak will then begin striking the player with controlled yet powerful blows from his steel mace.

hitting with mace
Abdirak will then begin striking the player with controlled yet powerful blows from his steel mace.

After each hit lands, the player’s character will have the chance to respond through dialogue options.

Constitution checks can be attempted to endure the pain in stoic silence.

Performance checks allow dramatic cries for mercy that may amuse Abdirak into further blows.

Intimidation involves taunting the priest, though this risks angering him.

Class-specific options also appear if relevant, like a Monk finding inner stillness.

Regardless of the check results, the player can ask Abdirak for mercy or thank him after each strike.

Refusing to scream out or failing checks will be met with additional hits.

Players should roleplay their character’s response carefully based on alignment and beliefs.

The ritual is a test of endurance that strengthens devotion when faced with composure.

After several rounds, Abdirak may congratulate players who have stoically endured and grant the “Loviatar’s Love” buff as promised.

He will thank any who engage fully in the ritual as true disciples.

Violence against Abdirak at this point would be unwise and disrespectful and would surely provoke the dangerous cleric.

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Dialogue Options Of Abdirak

Abdirak offers various roleplaying opportunities through his dialogue.

Players can inquire about Loviatar to learn of her tenets or question the prisoner’s fate, which Abdirak is willing to discuss.

Asking about his presence among the Goblins may intrigue the cleric.

Certain options relate to a character’s abilities like a Monk finding inner focus.

Moreover, Classes like Bard can attempt musical or theatrical performances to please Abdirak.

Players can also indicate their tolerance for pain to earn their respect.

Shadowheart and Astarion approve of enduring the ritual, seeing it as strengthening, while Karlash disapproves of the act.

Roleplaying these dynamics can further flesh out interactions. Abdirak remains polite yet firm in his faith.

He is always willing to discuss Loviatar and help new disciples understand her teachings.

Completing the ritual fully honors this and may lead to further guidance from the experienced cleric.

However, disrespecting Abdirak or his goddess is ill-advised and sure to provoke the dangerous priest.

Consequences Of Refusing Abdirak’s Offer

If a player refuses Abdirak’s request to face his mace or complete the ritual, he will become angered at the denial of his goddess.

Abdirak may attack with his mace or turn to violence against the disrespectful player.

Combat is ill-advised here, as Abdirak is a powerful cleric not to be trifled with lightly.

The “Loviatar’s Love Buff” and any future guidance from the experienced priest are also lost.

He sees refusing pain as denying Loviatar herself and her sacred teachings.

Players lose an opportunity to roleplay devotion and strengthen their character at the cost of angering this dangerous follower.

It is always best to avoid conflict by politely yet firmly declining to participate in the ritual if unwilling.

Making Constitution checks to endure Abdirak’s strikes satisfies him without a true commitment to Loviatar.

Outright refusing or disrespecting the cleric risks an unnecessary fight that can be avoided through respectful roleplaying.

While the ritual seems extreme, wisdom lies in avoiding Abdirak’s wrath through patience and understanding.

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The Bottom Line

Abdirak offers players meaningful roleplaying opportunities to learn about Loviatar and strengthen their character through overcoming pain.

Approaching him requires navigating his requests with care, honesty and respect for his faith.

Violence should always be an absolute last resort against this powerful and devoted cleric of suffering.

Happy Gaming!

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