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What Is Sodden Effigy In Diablo 4?

Sodden Effigy is a zombie-like creature in Diablo 4. A specific variety of zombies has been revived using evil sorcery.

When killed, Sodden Effigies are famous for having the ability to explode, doing tremendous damage to players nearby.

Players can frequently discover Sodden Effigies in locations in Diablo 4 that are overrun with zombies. These locations include crypts and cemeteries. A toxic cloud that Sodden Effigy unleashes has the potential to poison players and impede their movement. 

We have you covered if you want to know more about Sodden Effigies and how to defeat them.

What Is Sodden Effigy In Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, players must eliminate the “Sodden Effigy” boss, a powerful undead creature bound to a tree.

This boss channels to random places where Sodden Growths spawn. 

Sodden Effigy is a type of zombie monster in Dank Hollow Diablo 4.

It is known for its ability to explode upon death, dealing significant damage to nearby players.

Moreover, Drowned opponents surround the Sodden Effigy, which can be annoying.

Players must deal enough damage to defeat Sodden Effigies while avoiding their explosion attack.

We cannot harm the Sodden Effigy itself. Therefore, we must eliminate all Growth.

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Characteristics Of Sodden Effigy

The Sodden Effigy in Diablo 4 is a zombie monster with several defining characteristics.

Sodden Effigies are resilient creatures, as they can absorb significant damage before being defeated.

The following is a description of its many characters:

  1. It can move and attack players with black magic, which also reanimates it.
  2. It has a distended abdomen, limbs that are inflated with fluid, and a bloated appearance.
  3. When killed, it can explode, damaging adjacent players severely.
  4. It can spew a poisonous mist that will slow players’ progress.
  5. It frequently appears in regions of the game where undead creatures are prevalent, such as crypts and cemeteries.

Can You Kill Sodden Effigy In Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, you can kill the Sodden Effigy. Like other game creatures, you can destroy Sodden Effigies with enough damage.

The Sodden Effigies can explode after death, severely damaging those around them. However, players must take care when fighting them.

Sodden Effigy in Diablo 4
Players can kill Sodden Effigies with a fierce battle.

Players can try to escape the dying Effigy or utilize talents that help them flee swiftly to avoid getting hurt in the explosion.

In addition, players can attempt to eliminate Sodden Effigies at a distance while employing ranged weapons or spells to keep them at a distance.

How To Defeat Sodden Effigy?

Although the Sodden Effigy is a demanding boss to take down, it is manageable. 

Players must defeat this adversary and get rewards with proper strategy and execution.

They must concentrate on eliminating the Sodden Growths to destroy the Sodden Effigy.

The puppet’s surroundings will have unpredictable Growth spawn points, so players must stay clear of them.

The Sodden Effigy will become weak and killable once all the players eliminate all Growth.

You can beat the Sodden Effigy and receive your reward with a little effort.

The following advice will help you battle the Sodden Effigy:

  1. Prioritize eliminating the Sodden Growths. You cannot put direct damage on effigies.
  2. To simultaneously damage several Growths, use AoE attacks.
  3. AoE strikes from the Growths should be avoided at all costs.
  4. Keep the Drowned foes at a distance by using crowd control techniques.
  5. Keep moving to stay safe from the Effigy’s attacks.
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The Bottom Line

The Sodden Effigy in Diablo 4 is a formidable zombie monster that explodes upon death, significantly damaging nearby players.

Its toxic cloud attack can poison players and slow down their movement speed.

Players must deal enough damage to defeat this monster while avoiding its explosion attack.

Moreover, players can find Sodden Effigies in areas of the game comprising undead creatures, such as crypts and graveyards.

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