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Why Is The Crimson Fleet Ship Inaccessible?

Starfield is a new sci-fi RPG from Bethesda Game Studios. Players will encounter many unique locations, ships, and characters.

One such location that has garnered interest from fans is the Crimson Fleet ship, which, for some reason, appears to be inaccessible in the early stages of the game.

The Crimson Fleet ship is currently inaccessible in Starfield. To access it, players must progress in the main story questline, complete side quests for factions, explore planets for clues and restore ship functions before boarding through its hangar bay or airlocks.

Continue reading the article to discover more about the Crimson Fleet ship and why it is inaccessible to some players.

Who Is The Crimson Fleet in Starfield?

The Crimson Fleet is one of the major factions that players will encounter within the world of Starfield.

It instills fear in many peaceful settlers and organizations simply trying to find an existence among the stars.

Some see the Crimson Fleet as opportunistic scavengers looking to profit however they can.

They view piracy and smuggling as a means to an end.

While others argue they are fighting against the corporate control exerted by groups like the Crimson Fleet.

They have carved out territory for themselves and protect it fiercely.

Their massive flagship serves as the mobile base of operations from which they launch raids and provides safe haven to members.

While generally considered lawless pirates, the Crimson Fleet has its own code of conduct, and those who cross them do so at their peril.

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The Crimson Fleet Ship In Starfield

The massive flagship of the Crimson Fleet looms into view, its crimson paint job and weapon emplacements striking fear and awe in equal measure.

This ship serves as the pirate faction’s home and center of operations,

Its armored hulls and reinforced bulkheads protect untold secrets and stories within.

Housed within its hull are facilities for hundreds of crew members and cargo bays filled with stolen goods.

Its outer layers are reinforced with advanced alloys to withstand attacks, and it boasts an impressive arsenal of weapons for defense and raids.

crimson fleet ship
This ship serves as the pirate faction’s home and center of operations in Starfield.

Players first encounter the ship in the station in the orbit of planet Ryujin 9, but it appears that something is blocking it from boarding.

Scanning it reveals no lifeforms aboard, fueling speculation about what may have occurred to its crew.

Where Will You Encounter The Crimson Fleet Ship?

There are a few quests and missions in Starfield that directly connect to the Crimson Fleet ship.

The main story campaign will likely investigate what happened to the crew as part of a larger mystery.

Faction quests for the Crimson Fleet may task players with resupplying the ship after it is accessed.

Moreover, bounty hunter guild missions can have targets hiding out aboard whom the players must capture.

Smugglers may hire outs to use the ship for illicit cargo runs once operational.

Colonists may ask players to deal with Crimson Fleet raids in the endgame.

crimson fleet inaccessible
Quests for the Crimson Fleet may task players with resupplying the ship after it is accessed.

Additionally, data recovered from the ship could reveal secrets about the star system.

Accessing this location will unlock numerous opportunities for experience, rewards, and story development.

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Why Is The Crimson Fleet Ship Inaccessible?

When players first encounter the Crimson Fleet ship in orbit of Ryujin 9, scans reveal an empty vessel with no lifeforms detected.

Thus, this has led to speculation about what may have occurred to its crew and why the ship appears blocked off.

Possibilities include:

  • A deadly virus or bioweapons wiped out the crew.
  • Due to the virus, they mutinied and killed each other, and a catastrophic system failure left the ship drifting and abandoned.
  • A rival faction staged a covert boarding and took control of the vessel.
  • It was damaged in a battle and vented its atmosphere.
  • Or it contains some secret/dangerous cargo that players need to unlock later in the story.

The ship’s inaccessibility is undoubtedly designed to further Bethesda’s narrative and prevent players from accessing it too early.

Moreover, solving this mystery will unlock a crucial new location to explore.

Accessing The Crimson Fleet Ship

For players looking to access the Crimson Fleet ship after learning more about its backstory and importance, here are the potential steps:

  1. Progress far enough in the main story questline to receive a mission investigating the ship.
  2. Complete side quests to gather intel for factions like the Bounty Hunters Guild or Colonists.
  3. Explore planets and outposts for clues about rival factions or bioweapons.
  4. Infiltrate enemy bases to acquire passcodes or technology to override ship locks.
  5. Gain sufficient rep with the Crimson Fleet by completing smuggling runs.
  6. Find a way to restore ship functions like life support, engines, and security protocols.
  7. Board the ship through its hangar bay or airlocks once all barriers are removed.

Therefore, explore and complete objectives to establish a Crimson Fleet foothold.

However, access will unlock a new hub for quests, looting, and gaining pirate faction rewards and upgrades.

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The Bottom Line

The Crimson Fleet ship serves as the pirate faction’s home and center of operations,

Its current empty and blocked-off state fuels speculation about what occurs to its crew and how players can restore access.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to find the reason the Crimson Fleet ship is inaccessible.

Happy Gaming!

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